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Camping and Glamping activity in different parts of the world

For me camping in different areas is fun especially in Himalayan area which is my favorite activity. By the way have you ever been in Himalayas for camping or trekking activities?

Trust me it is lot of fun of different kind when you watch people drink, sing and dance with friends in the evenings through late nights. But you will not know that unless you have gone there for camping in Himalayan region or anywhere similar.

People generally enjoy their time with family and friends but I love it more while I am alone by participating in different camping activities. For instance I love participating in river rafting which is an immense fun activity which is 16 km long from its starting point in Rishikesh.

Watch it here!

For me rafting for this distance is different experience for the water flow is very fast in River Ganges in this area. I love it and hope everyone who has experienced it does the same!

But recently, I came across a new word ‘Glamping’. It’s a famous activity in my current location in Australia where people camp in beautiful luxurious family friendly tents which are entirely different from what we have in our camping destinations back in India.

Or watch it here in Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Glamping a very popular activity in NSW, Australia with very beautiful cabins available across the state especially in Blue Mountains area and along the local beaches.


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