Bridesmaids and Their

Weddings are bliss, the fun, festivity, and happiness all around us of the many things which make us wait eagerly to attend the wedding. Never ever forget about the food. Still remember the college days, teasing our friend get married feel like going for a wedding, what to get dressed up? Cashing some unknown wedding for the food or just the mere excitement and thrill of it. When the wedding is a family affair, it’s a gathering of all ages, gossips, fun, and merriness. Well the most important fun thought annoying is the gossips, every nook and corner you can find the different mini groups gossiping about many stuff, from family to politics, among this the most common topic between the ladies of all ages are jewelry, dress, makeup etc. if you are the bride or the brides mom, your all privileged to deck up, it is your day the day to shine and make memories. What if you are the gust or the bride’s maid, how to choose the wedding jewelry for the bridesmaids or the dress that doesn’t overshadow the bride, yet looks beautiful and elegant.


If you are a bridesmaid, the first thing you need-to-be causes is about the dress you are choosing, throughout the wedding is the bride’s maid who is going to assist the bride, in one word she has to be tiptoed throughout the ceremony. This brings us to the basics of choosing the appropriate and perfect bridesmaid dresses. Keeping into account the theme and essence of the wedding, flexibility, and accessibility are the other major elements to be considered. The color of the dress should be complementing the bride when standing next to her, and then completely overpowering the brides look.


Weddings are one among the few occasions, which helps us to unleash our fashion sense. As it’s a festivity we always try to pick good stuff, we cherished, we take out of the wardrobes for the right occasion. Gold jewelry is one among the common thing that we do, or we purchase to give the latest gold jewelry designs hitting the jewelry store is not an exaggeration. When accessorizing for a wedding, if you are not the bride, keeping it simple yet elegant is the best game plan. There is no need to have everybody part of you covered, based on your dress the accessories can be paired, sometimes a pair of earrings paired with a bracelet, or a beautiful gold pendant design neck chain is all needed to complete the look.


The most common accessory that is completely ignored is footwear. Imagine if you are the bride’s maid and you have to be running around the bride or standing next to her for a long period of times in heels or some footwear that hurts. Well, I am not suggesting sneaker ( though it’s not a bad choice if one have the confidence to carry it off)before choosing footwear, keep in mind your role and the type of wedding you are attending and pick something that allows freedom to your feet.


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Written by Lena Burkut