Black History Month Success Stories

Well, I am black 365 but I am here to talk about this month and how it has been a huge honor to have a month for us to celebrate even when we are black all year long. I think that this month was one of the hardest to get in accordance with Martin Luther King day, but in the end, it was made for us to talk about the success of African Americans and the hardship that was endured even today it is hard but let’s talk about one African American that has had some success.

When it comes to talking about Black History month we should talk about the success of many blacks in our culture. We should talk about Africa as well because it’s only right to ensure that many know about Africa and what is going on there. We should use this month to educate everyone on who made what and who wrote that book. Sometimes we have to stand up and talk about those inventions, books, and those women and men that are in Technology or other careers that we were not supposed to be in.

I am not here to start any arguing or anything but we need to start using this month to educate on people that we don’t know and give our kids a better chance at understanding their culture and help others understand our culture too. There is more to an African American than just playing sports and singing on stage. We are teachers, lawyers, Doctors, and even engineers.

Let us use this time to educate on our successful African American brothers and sisters. We don’t always have to talk about slavery and being in chains even though that is a huge part of success stories and being able to vote, work ext.

Happy Black History Month but my Black continues no matter what day and month it is. We all matter and we all need to try and get along these times are getting darker and we need each other.


What do you think?

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