Best tips to choose the right tractor for your farming needs

A tractor is the most precious possession for farmers. It mechanises agricultural tasks like ploughing, tilling, spraying, planting, etc. Today’s farmers believe in modern and new-age methods of farming & agriculture and thus modern tractors with more power and durability become a necessity for higher yields.

Their hard earned money should be invested wisely by considering all the factors before buying a tractor. Ample amount of time should be devoted to gather information about the different types of tractors available in the market and then choosing the best as per the need.

Let’s walk through some of the factors that need to be considered while buying a tractor.

· Farm Size:

At the very start, the size of the farm has to be considered as to whether it is a large scale or small scale farm. Large farms require tractors of more horsepower; the tractors that can work for longer hours without any compromise with the performance.

· Engine:

The engine is the heart of the tractor as it enables it to do intensive tasks. The strength of the engine is measured in horsepower. More the number, the higher will be the power.

· Tyres:

Selecting the correct tyres for tractors will have benefits in terms of traction, fuel efficiency and, ultimately, the quality of work carried out.

· Headlights:

Headlights are an incredibly important part of a tractor. A well functioning headlight gives the advantage of working late at night safely and efficiently.

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