Bad habits that make you “butter” colleagues?

Working in a team environment, the best way you can work effectively is to get co-ordination from colleagues. But sometimes, you do not integrate into your work environment and be “beautiful butter” colleagues.

So what’s the reason? If you have one of these bad habits then fix it before it’s too late:

1. Likes to make “the town” . Understand that office space is a complex place. If you are a “bouncer” by creating a voice for someone else, then your crime is very big. Consider before each word you say, do not “add, taste” or hint at the story of others. And remember, sometimes it’s just that people who are listening to those stories are hated.

2. Too arrogant.  You may be very good at professionalism, but being too arrogant can make other people unhappy about you. Do not show the attitude “I know everything and do not try to argue with me.” You can be good at your field but you will not be good at all because of the incomplete human being. If you do not listen you will not be better than you may not even recognize the mistakes you are making.

3. Or complained, lamented

You can be very tired of work and want to complain, talk to colleagues, but remember that they also work with you and also under the same pressure, tired like you. So there is no reason for you to force them to keep listening to your complains. If you are bothering someone when they are tired of having “buttered” you will be sure.

4. Speaking too much

If you talk too much, say the wrong place, in time you will surely make others feel bothered and disgusted. In addition, talking too much can bring you “wind blowing wind” that you can not expect. So, to prevent your story from becoming bland and others will “butter” you, Try to relax yourself and talk less carefully before speaking.

These bad habits are just typical and common bad habits that I wants to take note of for you. In addition to the above, there are many other reasons why you may have “butter”. Therefore, instead of correcting bad habits, Make positive habits from the beginning.


What do you think?

Written by Ngoc Tran

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