And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 53

Joe  Rashford Grindley,  son of Selma,  spoke again to his mother’s lawyer,  informing that his mother wanted to cease medication and die peacefully.

The lawyer,    Ms. Bicknell,  drafted a document and demanded payment.   She would not accept a  cheque or a promise.

Joe Rashford Grindley had no money.  He had to go to an ATM  empty his meager savings, and return with the raw cash.

Ms. Bicknell   had known Selma, his mother, and the others of her ilk.  They were boastful paupers who didn’t pay.   They’d loudly promise, as if they  had endless wealth using their family name as if it were collateral.  Ms. Bicknall demanded the cash before she printed the document.

Joe got the cash, paid the lawyer, took the  document to Miriam House and  got his mother to sign it.

As  she had a very low pain threshold simply delaying her morphine for ten minutes would have her signing anything to get it.

Selma  signed the form, one of the nurses witnessed it.

He  then announced that the nurses should not give his mother any more drugs. He was told that  most were almost depleted anyway.

“Good. Give her the regular doses, and when they are finished, they are finished.”

Now  all his mother had to do for him was die in the next two weeks and he’d be happy.


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Written by jaylar

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