Aftermath of College Admission Scandal…

Monday, 3.18.19

I watched six videos on Youtube about young women speaking out about this College Admission Scam. They are middle class, and they worked hard in high school to prepare for college, and some didn’t get into the college they wanted to go to. But they moved on because that’s life. 

Too many people are talking about this on Youtube that this story is getting old, but it should be exposed as well…

I also think these scams are ridiculously stupid because it almost sounds like a publicity stunt for the celebrities and their kids’ modeling career. Just look at the coverage it has been getting. But, also, as Forrest Gump, or Tom Hanks, once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

#1 Olivia Jade’s classmates want to sue me… the even REALER problem

Harlow Brooks, who went to the same all-girl private school as Olivia Jade and Bella, has received some trolls from that school, Marymount All-Girl High School. Some girls from the school threatened to sue her in order to shut her up.

I had posted her video, the other day, where she talked about going to the same high school as Olivia Jade and Bella, and she talked about her experiences there.

#2 Dear Olivia Jade, From a USC Reject

This young girl had applied to USC but wasn't accepted. She worked hard in high school, and she was actually on a rowing team, but she was rejected from USC. She has moved on and she is now happy with her current life. But she is pissed that she could have been at USC, if maybe the Olivia Jades and Bellas hadn't bought entrance into a very expensive college because their family is very wealthy.

#6 Olivia Jade loses sephora contract or sponsorship

CBS-LA news talks to USC about the incident. 

Olivia Jade is already making over $50,000 on Youtube because her channel is Illuminati-funded, where she is paid a lot of money promoting merchandise as well as satanic and illuminati symbolism to the idiots who follow her. She could have probably paid her own college tuition, if she was really interested in going to college. But I guess she just wanted to go to USC for extracurricular activities.


What do you think?

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