Adulting in the Workforce

Adulting is a real pain at times – it is like being on a menstrual cycle that will not stop. Having to find a job and hold a job down if you are one of the lucky ones who decided to drop out of college for whatever reason. As someone who has jumped from job to job to job it can be annoying. The workforce is no joke having to wake up and work somewhere that does not excite your life, but gets the bills paid. This is typically why people like being able to make friends where they work.

One of the keys to being able to keep a healthy work life and friendship going is being able to separate the two. Sounds impossible because it nearly is – at some point or another the two are going to collide. Sucks if you are about your money your going to let that friendship go, but if the friendship is more important your going to let the job go. Which is why some employers suggest not to even try.

Managers are like North Carolina weather – they can say one thing and mean the other. For instance, a company manager decided to make the statement that every pierced or crazy color hair person love to hear, ‘we don’t care what you do to your body as long as when you come to work you work, you want to dye your hair a crazy color go for it.’ – of course that was not what he meant apparently. Soon as me and this manager got into it the next day when it came time to work. Three write ups all for a lip piercing, hair color, and cell phone. Now, take some time and consider the fact that they never talked to about the lip piercing, it was their first time seeing a new hair color, and the first time a cell phone was left in the back pocket while on the clock. Of course, another company came along and said the same thing. As someone that just finished dealing with managers they could care less about being true to their word – the wait was on. Though they decided to bring on a green hair pierced employee they could have easily flipped the script. Thankfully there are companies out here that does not try to change how a person look to fit the imagine they feel is more comforting to others. Rumor has it that Starbucks and MOD pizza are companies that welcoming diversity.


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Written by Dasia

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