Adultery Addendum – 4

To get a woman like Poison Candy to dump your husband is to simply make her believe he is garbage.

If Candy thinks the wife is happy that she’s taking Hubby off her hands so she can go out with her boyfriend, Candy will dump husband.

It can be a complete lie, but if Candy thinks that the wife has someone ‘better’  she will dump the husband quickly.

You can prove this.

Find Candy and ask her if she can keep your husband out until…(time)

She’ll ask why and then you tell her that you and your lover are going to….(fancy place)  and will be late getting back.

Make sure the place you mention is a bit ‘upscale’  so that she can feel inferior in that she and your husband only go to ‘downscale’ places.

She’ll dump him in a flash.


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Written by jaylar

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