A Wal Mart employee’s act of kindness goes viral


I am sure that we all have heard of the expression “When one door closes, another door will open.”

Angela Peters who suffers from cerebral palsy which makes it difficult for Angela to stay still while she is riding in her wheelchair had to deal with a nail salon in Burton Michigan that refused to serve Angela since the employee who was supposed to attend to her needs since her hands were trembling a lot which made it hard for the employee to paint her fingernails.

What happened next will restore our faith that another person playing the role of helping  a person who need help.

Ebony Harris who is a cashier at the Wal Mart that is located inside the same building where the nail salon that refused to serve Angela decided to step in and take Angela to a Subway sandwich shop so she could do the work of painting her fingernails as a favor to her.

Ebony was in her work break when she managed to paint the fingernails even Angela shaking of her hands due to her illness was still there.

Ebony kept giving Angela advice to calm down and not get nervous while Ebony was painting her fingernails.

When Ebony finished painting her fingernails, Tasia Smith who is an employee at Subway sandwiches took a picture of the act of kindness of Ebony painting the fingernails of Angela.

When the images of Ebony painting the fingernails of Angela which made it to social media, Ebony gained a lot of praises from the management at Wal Mart and her followers on social media.

What makes this story interesting is that Angela insisted that although she will never go back to the business that refused to serve her due to her illness, she does not want any employee to be fired. Just learn to treat their customers the way they want to be treated.

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