A New Beginning (Part 28): Great Joy!

Joy is different from happiness because happiness is based upon circumstantial events.  Happiness occurs to you whenever something good happens to you.  However, since you live on this Earth, everything in life that happens to you will not be good all of the time.

That is when you need joy to kick.  Joy is choosing to be triumphant against any circumstances that may come your way.  Despite of what happens to you, your joy is the key that will cause for you to overcome the storms of life.  Joy is the indomitable quality within your heart that allows for you to decide that nothing will cause for you to slide off course.

Here are some things that you can do to ensure that this pandemic will not keep you down.

1. Stay clean.  The best way to ensure that you do not contract the coronavirus is to stay clean.  The scientific recommendations given to prevent you from catching Covid-19 will keep you clean.  Wash you hands – you’re supposed to be washing your hands anyway.  Wear a mask in public so that random uncleanness invades your nose and mouth.  Social distance and quarantine to stay away from dirty people.  Staying clean takes away the worries you may have about this pandemic.

2. Do not allow for others to control you.  You can only progress when you have possession.  Do not allow for anyone to take away from who you really are.  Do not allow for anyone to steal your identity.

3. Get your motives right.  Evaluate why you are doing what you are doing.  Eliminate all selfishness from your being.


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