A New Beginning (Part 19): Observation

Observation is absolutely critical if you are looking to experience a new beginning in your life because you can preserve yourself from making wrong decisions that lead to horrible consequences.

For example, you know not to jump from a high-rise building.  However, you probably have never jumped from a high-rise building in your lifetime.  The reason why you have never dove out of an eighth-floor window is because you have probably observed in a movie, or on TV, or on the web of a fire department at the scene of a raging inferno with people screaming “Help!” out of their windows.  The fire department will then pull out a large safety net for the people to jump onto so that they do not die.  

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Seeing this should have made you realize that jumping from a building without a safety net would more than likely result in death.  Correctly observing events and situations will allow for you to correctly apply that new information in your life.  You will then find life to be more rewarding due to the correct observation causing you to make better decisions in general.

Another example would be like when you start a new job.  Starting a new job could be nerve-wracking at times because you really do not know what you need to do at the new job.  If you are working at a decent workplace, the boss will have you follow a person around the first few days to give you a feel on what you need to do.  You have to observe how that person works first before you are allowed to then operate on your own.

Observation gives you the information that you will need in order to move in the right direction.


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