A Long Meditative Day

Monday, 8.10.20

The weather was nice today, mostly sunny but breezy, which felt more like springtime on the coast. So, I decided to ride my Huffy bicycle around the area, before stopping at the UTC, and doing some writing exercises. I remembered to take along my water bottle for rehydration. After an hour of writing, I felt a little sleepy because it was very meditative. I rode back home, taking a shortcut through parking lots. 

I went on Facebook, and I meditated on certain games for around an hour.

Then, at 9 pm, I decided to check out the Online Meditation Meetup on Zoom. Again, I was falling asleep during the meditation because I felt very drowsy. It ended 10 minutes before 10, which I felt it was cut short. I decided to turn off my computer and go to sleep. 


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