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A Good Insight Into Highly Sensitive Teeth & Tooth Ache In Winter

Toothache is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your tooth and it is best to visit a dentist for medical attention. There are many reasons a tooth might be painful; however, it will require the expertise of a professional dentist to diagnose the issue. Several people also suffer from tooth pain especially in winter which is mainly due to cold winter air.

One of the main reasons for teeth to hurt during winter is worn-out tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is important for the inner layer of the teeth and if it gets worn-out the tooth will become highly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Cold air can become a big issue and lead to toothache in this case. This article goes on to explain the reasons for toothache in winter. It is a must-read for those considering visiting a Dentist in Richmond, VA.

Reason for Toothache in Winter

Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity however, this might not always be a big problem. At times, this may go away on its own but, other times it might be essential to visit an expert dentist for this purpose. One way to be certain that you need to consult a doctor regarding the tooth sensitivity is if it lasts for more than a couple of days. In fact, if the tooth pain lingers on for more days it can be a sign of a bigger problem. Thus, it is vital to get in touch with a good dentist before it becomes more serious.

Some of the common reasons for sensitive teeth include:

  • Nighttime grinding teeth
  • Brushing teeth too hard
  • Excessive teeth whitening
  • Gum Disease
  • Dental plaque buildup
  • Consuming too much surgery food and drinks

Dealing with Tooth Sensitivity

Patients often need to deal with tooth sensitivity during winter which is a method of your body to tell you that there is something wrong. Patients tend to ignore tooth pain at times however, if you put off visiting a dentist for too long it might lead to bad gum disease or result in worse cavities. It is important for every patient to be aware that tooth sensitivity could be a bigger problem and know how to deal with it in the right manner. Receding gums is one of the initial signs of gum disease and this tends to begin with a toothache and can lead to tooth sensitivity. Gingivitis is a gum disease that is likely to be the reason for a toothache.

Visiting a dentist is the best method of treating this in the right manner. A professional dentist will help with the cleaning process and also help educate the patient regarding the right method of brushing and flossing teeth. However, a minor toothache if ignored can very well be periodontitis. This is more advanced gum disease and is harder to cure.

In the case where tooth sensitivity is due to a cracked tooth or cavity, the reason is likely to be excess sugary foods and make one feel fuzzy or rough. This can lead to bigger issues if it is not treated hence it is necessary to restore the tooth. One of the best methods, in this case, would be dental filling. A professional dentist has the expertise to detect any issue in its early stages which can work to your benefit and prevent a minor toothache from becoming a major issue. Visiting family dentistry in Richmond, VA is the optimal method of dealing with tooth sensitivity for all members of a family.


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