7 Ways to Overcome Low Running Motivation

It happens to every person who is working hard to achieve several goals. Everyone, at one point, loses motivation for several reasons. If you are reading this right now, you’ve probably lost your motivation. Losing your motivation is natural. It will help you understand yourself and grow.

Let’s say you started working out today. You are full of enthusiasm. You just can’t wait for tomorrow to do your workout again. You start feeling the benefits of working out and you are energized like never before to continue like this for the rest of your life but what happens two months after this date? You start feeling tired. You start asking yourself, “Must I hit the gym today?”

The next week, you start postponing your workouts and until you forget about them. That’s a nice story, isn’t it? Getting your motivation is back easy. You just have to be conscious of the point where you start losing your motivation. Just as gaining your motivation is gradual, so is losing it. If you have run out motivation, here are some of the ways to get yourself up.

1. Run in the morning

Its quite difficult to get time to run in the middle of the day or the evening because of work, family and other obligations. According to Essay Shark writers, The moment you stop running; your motivation starts running out. The solution is simple. Run in the morning. People who start their days with a run get so much done during the day because they get hooked on the feeling of accomplishment. When you make running a priority, you will overcome low running motivation.

2. Be consistent and realistic

Sticking to your routine will help you overcome low running motivation. In most cases, people who are not consistent are the ones who lose their running motivation quickly. Human beings are creatures of habit. When creating a new habit such as running, the first few days are usually difficult because you don’t have momentum. After gaining momentum, running becomes easy. If you stop running for a month and then start again, you’ll experience the difficulty again. Being consistent is key to success not only in running but in everything. You should also be realistic. Pushing yourself too hard will make you lose your motivation. Create a schedule that favors you

3. Take some time off

Tommy Ronson, a writer at Write My Essay UK and Zipjob, says: ”You can not expect to push yourself hard every single day and still remain intact. You are going to fall apart. Your body and mind need to rest and recover to perform at an optimal level. You probably know that your muscles get bigger and stronger during recovery.

If you fail to recover properly, your muscles will become tiny and hard. I bet you don’t want to have a funny figure. Resting and recovering will also maintain your motivation for a long period of time. If you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, now is the time to rest. It’s easier for me to convince you to work harder than to rest. But the truth is, you need enough rest.

4. Warm up before running

Warming up before running reduces the risk injury. Preparing your body before indulging in intense activities such as running makes your muscles flexible. The best ways to prep your body are walking and skipping. Failing to warm up will reduce your performance which will have ultimately have an impact on your motivation. Warm up for ten to fifteen minutes before running every single time.

5. Indulge in strength training

Building muscle will improve your running performance. People with strong muscles are not likely to get injured. Strength training reduces fat in your body and enlarges your muscles thus improving your agility. You should head to the gym at least twice or thrice a week depending on your program. You can create your own program or seek help from a professional trainer. Professional trainers have tons of advice that will definitely help you improve your performance and overcome low running motivation.

6. Look at your diet

As the popular saying goes, muscles are not made in the gym but the kitchen. As an athlete, you have to be conscious of everything that gets into your mouth. Anything that has no benefit to your body will reduce your productivity. Avoid junk food. People who eat junk food tend to feel lazy all the time. Eat more vegetables, fruits, proteins, and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will help in restoring the energy you’ve lost. Proteins will repair and build your muscles. Fruits and vegetables will boost your immune system. Avoid eating more than your fair share. Eating the right food and the right quantity is the key to success.

7. Solve the problem

Do you know what is making your motivation to run low? If you do, it’s time you solved it. Maybe you had a disagreement with the person you normally train with or someone is discouraging you. You should avoid people who do not support you or your goals.

They are toxic people that will bring you down fast like a sea anchor. Cut all ties with them as fast as you can. Hold relationships with positive people. Positive people are the people you are happy being with. They accept you the way you are. They are always honest with you. Solving the problem right now will help you recover and move forward.


With these tips, I am sure you will get your motivation back. It’s important to try a couple of them and monitor the results. Start today. Your motivation is the determining factor of your performance.

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