5 Reasons to Invest in a Bali Hut

Homeowners love to enhance the look of their property at all costs! Some add patios, while others prefer adding a deck to the outdoor décor. The outdoor area of your home will continue to look beautiful, with additions that are easy to maintain.

How about a trip to Bali? Sounds lovely, but the budget for the trip might not suit your finances. Adding a Balinese thatching or a Bali hut to the property in Brisbane would compensate for your failed vacation to Bali. Add a Bali hut to your backyard or by the poolside and see your home turn onto a tropical retreat.

Already been to Bali, well, then with the Bali hut you will get to relive the wonderful time spent during your vacation. It is perhaps the best way to create a tropical look and feel to your home.

 Why Consider Adding a Bali Hut to your Home?

Exotic holidays might not be possible every time, so why not bring a similar feel to your own home? Adding a Bali hut to your property will transport you back to the tropics and lovely sights of Bali. Now, would you not like that? If, the hut is installed appropriately, you will be able to achieve the dream of a relaxing day by the pool!

Here are some great benefits of adding a Bali hut to your home: 

1.       Protection from Rain: The design of the Bali huts makes the water slide off the hut’s roof and the design makes the roofs water-proof as well. When you have all of this working for you, you will be able to protect all your high grade outdoor furniture. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors, even if, it rains heavily. Whether it rains or the sun shines bright, you will have a lovely time outdoors under the Bali hut.

2.       Protection from UV Rays: Enjoying sunny weather might seem like an amazing idea, but have you factored in the harmful UV rays? It can cause skin damage, or worse cause skin cancer. Do you really want to suffer from such complexities? Hopefully, not! The Bali huts offer a better and safer way to enjoy the sunshine.

3.       Protection from Heat: The pesky sun also brings with it a lot of heat. Staying outdoors in the heat cannot be enjoyable, right? So, install a Bali hut! It offers you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor weather, without the uncomfortable heat! The Bali huts are cooler than the outdoor weather.

4.       Protection for the Environment: The roof of the huts is made using Alang alang grass, which are easily interchangeable and sustainable. So, the Bali huts are made with material that can be easily grown and hence, just the outer structure needs to be made of wood or metal. This saves a significant amount of money and also helps Mother Nature. A patio or deck requires higher amount of wood. Where do you think that wood comes from? Well, from the trees! So, the Bali huts also reduce the amount of timber needed in construction, when compared to patio and decks. Ultimately, you get to help Mother Nature, if you build a Bali hut!

5.       Low in Maintenance: It is a one-time investment, until and unless the roof is damaged or you need to change the design. You can build the Bali hut and literally forget about maintenance. Just one thing, keep it clean because a Bali hut cannot do this on its own.

Who does not want an outdoor feature that is not only durable, but also easy to install?! Enjoy the tropical feel with a beautiful Bali hut. Just get a reputed builder on-board. They will help create a lovely natural space in the outdoor area, which can be enjoyed around the year!


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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