10 Things to consider for starting Photography career

Every individual tends to make a wrong decision while starting a career in any field. The same way even those who aspire to become a photographer, lack knowledge and guidance. So here I am writing an article to help a beginner make his career.

Thinking of photography as a career is not easy, many would differ from your decision as they believe it is not a secure job. Freelance photography is itself starting your own business, and one should have that passion and art from within.

Important things to consider while you want to start your career

Choosing correct DSLR

Before we conclude as to which DSLR we should buy, one should be sure of what kinds of photography are we interested in. Do you want to become a wildlife photographer, fashion, architecture or a food photographer? Mainly, there are two sorts of DSLR, one which suits vast area click or says the full frame sensor DSLR and another one is commonly used while architecture photography or the other one is a crop sensor camera which is smaller than the whole frame sensor suitable for wildlife photography. Coming to the cost, being a beginner Canon 700d DSLR would be a low cost up to GBP 600.

 Where to learn photography

Learning how to click a picture is also important. Understanding the fundamentals, rules, lights, retouches, 100% image perfect look, etc. For a beginner, zero level courses are preferable as it includes all the fundamentals, and photo shoot practices.

Accessorize your kit

It is most important to know which accessory you need. We should not buy anything which is not useful for us. Purchasing essential things like lens hood, different filters, extra cards, and most importantly a tripod, whether a general one or for professional use.

The need for assistance

Hiring an assistant depends on many factors, most importantly to see whether the person whom you are shooting is comfortable or not. Next is the nature of the shoots, if you are traveling, it would be a better option to take your assistant along, who would keep the set up ready, packing your equipment, etc. Locations would also matter, if the place of the shoot is windy there are chances that your devices would fly or fall.

Light modifiers

Light shapers and modifiers are essential and are cheap too. There are a few that are expensive, but at the beginning, it is not necessary to buy pro equipment. These are important to deliver quality images. The umbrella modifiers are cost-effective and easy to carry.

Lighting kit at the start

Selecting the flashes which can be used indoor and outdoor would be cost-effective. Easy to use and that which comes with an inbuilt trigger, are yet to buy.

Camera bag

There are plenty of options available in the market for bags. Getting the best one will be suggested, and a bigger one from the beginning as you would be adding stuff later on and then you would not like to upgrade your bag again only for that reason.

Is cleaning kit necessary

Buying a DSLR and shooting pictures is not enough. It is not a sterile business. Camera lenses are so attracted to dust, mist, mud, and rain all the time. Our hands which become oily sometimes and can affect the lenses. Air blaster, set of wipes, cleanser are always needed to be handy so that your images are still spotless and they help us to continue the shoot without any trouble.

Special computers

As we know that to make a picture perfect, retouching is needed. To make our images stand out from other photographers, we need to give extra filtration editing to our photographs. For beginners, it is not essential to buy a pro PC or a MAC. The knowledge of using Photoshop is vital, and these days many monitors have good color range, sharpness, contrast, etc. Stick to the known PC and should be fine.

Best software used

One shop stop is Photoshop software for editing, filtering and making images look beautiful and outstanding. Making layers, masks, selections, color adjustments, contrast, brightness, etc., all these are impossible if you do not have a grip on this software. This photo editing software is merely amazing and been used over the years by now.

In Conclusion

Making a career in photography is excellent. It opens avenues to start your own business or work with a prestigious company for excellent salary and perks. You can utilize the above pointers to chart your career in photography. We also recommend you to check a detailed guide on ways and means to become a photographer to get further insights into this profession.


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