10 Meditation Remedies You Should Try to Feel Well

You can probably recall of a situation when you were really nervous, anxious, or overly sensitive.

Let’s take a simple example: a student trying to write a paper. This student managed to procrastinate until the deadline came very close. A familiar situation, anyone? Тhe stress is huge and this student doesn’t know what to do. So they end up ordering a paper from That’s a lot of stress that continues on the long term, since the student will probably repeat the same procrastination mistake over and over again.

Is there a better solution? There is; and meditation leads to it. When the student recognizes the moment of stress, they could simply meditate. Meditation will help them feel better, and they will be able to find solutions once they reach the calm state of mind.

But you can’t just sit with your eyes closed and expect wonders to happen.

You need to know how to start meditating, so you’ll experience the really good effects.

We’ll give you 10 simple meditation tips that you can start implementing today.

Start with Guided Meditation

Meditation is not easy. Your thoughts will start rambling and you might get even more anxious if you don’t do it properly.

That’s why the most important tip we could give you is to start with guided meditation. Find a studio nearby, or go out on a silent meditation retreat, or you can even dig through online resources to find something that works for you.

Approach without Any Expectations

When you start reading about the immense benefits of meditation, you’ll start expecting too much. That’s a big mistake!

The key to success is to approach meditation without any expectations at all. You start meditating with an intention to calm down. If that doesn’t happen, the effort still counts for something. You should keep trying; every single day.

Meditate in the Morning, Every Single Day

It’s best to meditate in the morning, since that’s the time when your mind is focused. It still hasn’t accumulated the stress of the day.

As soon as you wake up and go through your morning rituals, sit in a comfortable position and meditate for 10 minutes. That’s enough to give yourself a head start for the day.

Be Grateful!

End each meditation session with gratitude. Be grateful for the peace you got, be grateful for the opportunity to discover this method, and be grateful for life in general. The attitude of gratitude makes you calmer and ready to face the challenges of the day.

Calm Your Body

Stress is often reflected through physical symptoms. When you meditate, focus on your body and show it some love. Breathe through the aching points and invite oxygen into them. That’s an incredible technique that releases physical tension.

Meditate on Acceptance

The student from the example above had a choice. But when a family member is seriously ill, you cannot do much to change that. You can only change the way you respond. Acceptance is hard, but you have to keep working on it.

Meditate! Accept the fact that life is what life is, and loss is part of it. Give yourself permission to feel bad, but also allow yourself to break through to the surface.

Detach Yourself from Conflict

Are you in conflict with someone? Rise above the situation and detach yourself from it. Just observe the thoughts and images that pass through your mind, without allowing them to carry you away. Detach! You’ll get a wider perspective if you just observe.

Recognize Anger and Let It Go

It doesn’t matter what that anger was provoked by; it’s just important to deal with it. When you meditate, focus on your feelings of anger. Recognize where they are coming from. Imagine how you’re expanding the heart center and breath through it! Watch your emotions arise and pass through.

Just breathe! When you meditate every day, you’ll come to a point when you’re able to recognize the root of the feeling. From the moment you recognize it, it won’t have power over you.

Chant a Mantra

Have you ever wondered why Om was such a common meditation theme? Because it’s powerful! It’s not some mystical ritual. In fact, it’s very practical: the sound and the vibration of the Om makes your mind focused.

Join a Group

A community can be the best remedy. When you join a meditation course, you practice together with other people, and you do it under guidance. You support each other and talk about your common interests. This step will make you even more committed to meditation!

Meditation helps you find your inner beauty and allow it to shine through. But it requires great commitment. You have to learn how to do it right, and you need to meditate every single day!


What do you think?

Written by Chris Richardson


  1. I meditate all of the time and each time is different. It all really depends on what is going on with you at the time you are doing the meditation. It is important to remember that each meditation is different.