Who Knew Fences Would Also Serve As A Security Barrier

I had to move to a completely different state because of my new job. Leaving New York without saying goodbye to most of my friends and family was indeed very hard for me. But there was nothing I could have done, the company wanted me to move as soon as possible. My family and I moved to Bellevue a few months ago.

At first, I found it very creepy, at night the neighborhood used to haunt me. There was no street light here and the streets used to look plain scary. But in the day time, our neighbors used to come out of their houses, water their gardens and talk to each other. Maybe the people here aren’t very social unlike the people of New York. Anyways, my wife and I used to keep each other accompany so we did not have the need to talk to anyone else. We both had to work in order to keep them up with our monthly expenses.

Soon after almost 6 months, my wife and I decided to go back to New York to meet our friends. We missed them a lot. And living here all by ourselves was basically driving us crazy. After dawn, no one was seen on the streets. Well, at once my wife started to pack up our things and I booked us a flight to New York after two days. My wife and I could hardly sleep the night before our flight.

We arrived in New York, my friends had come to pick us from the airport. It was such a wonderful feeling. Every day of the week we used to go outside and have fun. Alas! Time flew so quickly. And it was time for us to go back. Although we did not want to go back but you know duty calls. We had to go back to our new jobs unless we wanted them to fire us!

For some reason, the flight back to Bellevue seemed to take forever. It was like something bad is happening. At first, I thought it was due to motion sickness but when we arrived at our house. That’s when it hit me. While we were gone, someone had broken in the house and stolen almost everything. Our TV, DVD Player, Fridge, Laptops, cameras, and many other household appliances. For a while, we stood there in shock. We even called the local security, they said that it is very common for burglars to break into the house when the owner is not at home. In fact, they told us that it was our fault that we had left the house unattended.

The next morning I went to work with a worried look on my face, my colleague asked me what’s bothering me. I told him what happened to us when we came back. He promptly suggested that we should have installed fences around the house. This way it gets hard for the burglars to break into the house.

After coming back home, I discussed this matter with my wife and we both agreed to it. We started to look at different fencing material available around us. After a never-ending search, we both decided to have aluminum fences installed. Not only did they provide security for the house but also would uplift the look of the exterior of the house.

Without having any second thoughts, we searched for the “aluminum fence installer near me Bellevue TX“. We got a list of potential fencing contractors and it was hard to choose between them because there were so many. Some of them were offering to install the fence at a very cheap rate and others would ask sky-high prices.

We then shortlisted some of the best options of fencing contractors. Turn by turn I called them and asked for an estimated cost and time taken for such a project. After calling about 4 – 5 different contractors I came to know about the average estimate of aluminum fence installation in Bellevue TX.

After spending around 5 hours, we came down to one contractual worker that was willing to provide good services in a budget-friendly way. He agreed to work in a schedule that was suitable for us.

The contractual worker that we hired was indeed the best choice for ours. He managed to finish the fencing within due time and did not even charge a dime extra. After having the fence installed on the boundary of our house, now we travel around the state without any fear.

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