Which Grass is Better Artificial OR Natural 2019 Guide

If you are considering that artificial grass is better or natural is better, this article is for you. You will not believe that the artificial grass is better than normal grass.

You may also one of those who believe that natural grass is better, cheaper, prettier or more eco-friendly than artificial grass. This article will change your mind.

Let’s find out the 10 advantages of artificial grass and why you should choose it instead of natural grass!

1. Save water

Artificial grass does not need any type of watering like normal grass need, so it helps to save a lot of water for you during the year, and natural grass needs to be watered regularly.

2. Minimal maintenance

Once installed, the artificial grass does not need any type of attention. It will still look gorgeous even if you forget about it.

3. Natural, artificial grass, which is cheaper?

Artificial grass is cheaper for you than the natural grass. An average 50m2 artificial grass pays itself off in the only 3 years of period. That’s why, it is cheaper than the natural grass.

4. Artificial Grass gives you more free time than natural.

Have you already thinking about what will you do with all the free period you will have when you install the artificial grass? There is no need to water it, not need cutting or fertilize it. You just have to enjoy beautiful grass!

5. You can install on almost any surface

Like Gardens, balconies, on terraces, patios, roofs … on tiles, soil or cement, install this where you want it.

6. Every time green

What if it rains? This artificial grass will stay as beautiful and green and lush as it installed. If the weather is hot, It will still stay beautiful and green. During snowfall? It still look green and beautiful under the white snow cover.

7. Pets love it

If you have a dog, a cat or any other pet they all love the softness, fluffiness and pleasant touch that the artificial grass provides you.

8. Made in Europe

The artificial grass is manufactured, designed and produced in most of the cities of Europe. Manufacturing companies control the production process of the artificial grass, from raw material to distribution to the costumers. They provides the best goods to the customers.

9. Best flooring around swimming pools

Artificial grass is a type of anti-slip grass that does not attract puddles and does not effect with the chlorine. So these are the advantages of installing our artificial grass instead of natural around the swimming pools.

10. Artificial grass is a high-end innovative grass

If you are choosing artificial grass, it is important for you to investigate about all the options and be sure to make a best choice: I think it is a significant investment, after all.


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Written by Kate Winslet


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