Ways to get your landscape up and ready for spring-summer!

Hello, so winter has finally taken leave and your lawn is ready to welcome the spring. But, the heat that summer months bring with themselves can be quite stifling and uneasy for your plants. You might find it very tempting to be sitting outside with a glass of chilled lemonade, but let us tell you your lawn isn’t going to take care of itself. The high temperatures and the harsh sunlight of the summer months may make it very difficult for you to keep your lawn looking pristine and healthy.

But, it’s very important that you maintain your yard in the correct manner so that it can be looking pretty all summer. And this is especially true if you are planning on selling your home, as most of your potential clients won’t even step into your home, if they spot an ugly looking, unkempt garden. So, along with a creative, well-planned landscape design you need a lush, healthy lawn to create a stunning, eye-catching yard. And for that you need to perform some regular maintenance and routine monitoring. So, are you ready to gift your home a gorgeous landscape design? Bondi based Stone Lotus Landscapes is a specialist in designing exterior landscapes for your properties. After noting down your requirements, they will come up with a beautiful, unique garden design exclusively for you.

Ways to prepare your yard for the summer

Winter weather often results in leaving your garden wanting. To help bring back your lawn/landscape/yard back to its fuller self, you need to do some serious spring lawn prep and maintenance. Spring care for your lawn is utmost crucial to keep your yard resilient throughout the hot summer months. You could take your pick from a lot of gorgeous landscape garden design ideas and follow certain steps to keep it looking lush and green all summer.

  • Rake it up: The first step in preparing your yard for the spring is going for an efficient cleaning and raking around the lawn. Collect all the leaves, twigs, debris, etc. which have accumulated over the long winter months. Rake the lawn thoroughly to get rid of dead grass and leaves.
  • Apply fertilizers: At the onset of spring, it’s very important that you apply fertilizer to feed your grass. You could also consider using a pre-emergent weed killer to prevent the growth of weeds. Fertilizers also help to supplement the lawn with all the essential nutrients that it lost during the winter. After the spring application, both of these products should be reapplied six to eight weeks later.
  • Mow often: You should ensure to keep the height of your grass between 2.5 to 3 inches. However, when summer is at its strongest, you could allow the grass to grow half an inch more. This helps the grass to retain moisture and offer shade. You should carry out a mowing schedule of regular mowing every five days for the first six weeks of spring. Post that, you could mow once a week.
  • Trim back landscaping: Grass and plants which are present too close to the foundation of the structure will result in moisture and pest problems. You should try and maintain an at least 2 foot clearance around your home. Trim back bushes, plants, trees and get rid of potential hiding spots of intruders.
  • Aerate your lawn: Most lawns should be aerated once in every four years, as per the lawn activity involved. The more the lawn experiences foot traffic or heavy objects, the more it would need to be aerated. Also, aerate your lawn if it shows signs like moss growth.
  • Pest prevention: While you are prepping up your lawn, you should be on the lookout for pests like aphids, mosquitoes, termites, slugs, grasshoppers; snails etc. these creatures could damage your landscaping beyond belief. So, make sure to protect your yard from these.

So, follow these steps to keep your lawn looking lush and happy throughout the sunny months. Make the use of these summer lawn care tips at home and you will soon have a pretty, healthy landscape waiting outside your home.


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