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We do it every night to recharge, spending six to eight hours of our day sleeping. Having the best mattress possible would appear to be an advantageous investment in the long run when you put it all into perspective. From your blue-collar mill worker to your CEO up the corporate ladder, the expert’s advice is the same—a good night’s sleep is far more important than many of us realize. Here’s a short but insightful summary of why a good mattress is linked to one’s overall health, maybe even overall happiness.

The Role Your Bed Takes, and Its Effect on You

Sleep can be likened to turning off your phone to charge it. It is the quickest and positive recharge to a dead battery. Our body is that battery and we should choose the best possible charging port for it. Ideally, according to experts, your mattress should:

  • Be well supportive of every part of your body, never putting unnecessary pressure on any of the main sensitive pressure points such as ankles, shoulders, hips, back, or ribs
  • Have good spinal and lumbar support
  • Assure that your body weight is distributed evenly across the mattress, not too firm or too soft in uneven places

The best possible mattress would boast all three benefits, all customizable to fit the individual needs of the sleeper. Some of the types of mattresses available are memory foam, latex, innerspring, coiled, pillow-topped classics, or even hybrids; these frequently vary from firmness based on personal preference. A more in-depth list of differing kinds of mattresses can be found all over with the right searches.

Negative Effects From a Poor Mattress

You want to avoid back and joint pain. You do not want the snap, crackle, and pop in the mornings that you might hear when you get up. Disturbances or “tossing and turning” should not happen. Your mattress should hold your body in such a way that laying for long periods won’t cause discomfort, mitigating the need for late-night waking or your body being restless in the night. 

With summer being quite hot, becoming overly warm during the night can cause a good night’s rest to evade most. Many companies use everything from gel layers to porous memory foam to draw heat away from the sleeper. 

A sleeper does not want a mattress that is too soft or a mattress that can lead to one’s body creating a dip, making it difficult to breathe, or even causing snoring.

Positive Effects a Carefully Chosen Mattress Can Have on Our Health

You want better memory and more focus. A brain fully recharged is a brain that can retain information to a greater extent during daily life, allowing increased secular and personal agility. 

We all want less stress. An exhausted mind and body can’t run at an optimal level, making tasks both large and small turn into excessively difficult obstacles, decreasing productivity and damaging blood pressure. A happier lifestyle with better sleep gives you a better attitude and better relationships. You can even lose weight, avoid early signs of aging, and live longer if your sleep is at its peak.

To Wrap Everything Up and Put it to Bed…

In the quest for the perfect mattress and the goal of finding the right one with success, it’s important to research and test in person. Experts advise going to mattress retailers and laying on the options in the same way you would if you were at home, whether that be laying on your preferred side, or sitting up reading while preparing to go to sleep. 

Testing your options for a few minutes could mean the difference between waking up ready to start the day or a painful kink in your neck the moment your eyes open. The best fit for each individual is different. We don’t all sleep the same way. People have varying needs and aches, sleeping positions, and lengths, giving way to a plethora of variety in the mattress business. When it comes to sleep and our health, the results weigh heavily in favor of finding a high-quality mattress.


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