The Best Mattresses for the Whole Family

Choosing a mattress is an important consideration. People are inclined to sleep in different ways and favor various environments. For some, a good night’s sleep means being able to rest on one’s side, while for others it may be staying cool. When looking to purchase a new mattress you will be faced with many options, from its material design to the benefits of the brand. A family may have opposing preferences, which means that the same mattress won’t do for everybody. To help you decide, here are some of the best mattresses currently available for various types of sleepers.

For A Cooler Night

Many people are prone to become hot during the night. It is a discomfort that easily affects the quality of sleep. Mattresses can be a contributing factor to this warmth, with many storing the body heat of the sleeper. However, in recent years, mattress companies have begun implementing designs that can draw heat away from the body.

Gel layers have improved quality of sleep for many, especially those in warmer climates. The Serta iComfort Blue 300 is a fantastic mattress that uses a gel foam layer, on top of its memory foam, to aid a better circulation. While considered superior to innerspring mattress design, the nature of memory foam is to shape the mattress around the body. This can sometimes be a contributing factor to the heat. A top layer of gel foam remedies this.

Other great cooling mattresses are the Tempur Contour Elite Breeze and the Stearns & Foster Estate Garrick Luxury Firm Mattress, both of which have top layers that work to keep you as cool as possible through the night.

For A Side Sleeper

Those who sleep on their side require totally different support than those who sleep on their back or stomach. A memory foam mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. The pressure of your body weight rests upon a smaller surface area and, if you choose a coil mattress, you will find yourself with greater aching and discomfort. A memory foam, on the other hand, will adapt itself to your body and position.

One of the finest, current examples is the Amerisleep AS3. It uses a variety of differently formed layers to offer fantastic support and softness. The tulo Medium Mattress utilizes similar memory foam layers while also having the aforementioned gel cooling top layer – perfect for a side sleeper in a warm environment.

For A Greener Choice

Mattress companies are beginning to look for more sustainable materials. Currently, many latex mattresses are being made with organic or natural materials, which are a preferred alternative of those looking for a greener option.

Mattresses such as Nature’s Rest Summer Rain and the Essentia Energie Opus are two flagship examples from companies that use mostly organic and natural materials for their products.

If you wish to consider more options or look for a mattress that caters for more specific needs, consider visiting a mattress specialist website, such as Since your mattress selection will support your quality of rest for years, it’s paramount you make the right choice.


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