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Paphiopedilum or Lady Papal is an orchid that also comes from the tropical regions of Indonesia.

The pedals are characterized by a characteristic flower appearance, which is why they thought they were mistaken to love insects. Their related genera are Phragmipedium, Mexipedium, Cypripedium …

These orchids are looking for a shady place without direct sunlight but with plenty of filtered light. I can also suffer from low light conditions. They were also mistaken for being terrestrial, ie living in the country. They are so called semi-epiphytes. They live on the roots of tall tropical trees, or on rocks covered with leaves, mosses and other organic waste.

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  1. Interesting. Once I fished some leaves out of a dumpster not knowing what they were. I just hate to see anybody throw away a plant! I Ieft them in a pail of water and went away for several months. When I came back they were very much alive so I kept them in the bucket as foliage plants with no clue what they were until a flower appeared. I was surprised that it turned out to be an orchid and started learning a little more about them.

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