Is a Stick Vacuum The Same as a Long Handled DustBuster?

I would like to star with the answer right off the bat; easy no! A stick vacuum cleaner is absolutely different from a long-handled dust buster, or simply dust buster.

I am absolutely quite firm that you are well aware of how a stick vacuum looks like and the same goes for dust busters, no problem on that category. What I am concerned about is whether you know the ideal use of purpose of the two units; in this case, stick vacuums and dust busters.

Fair enough! Let us see if a stick vacuum is the same as a long-handled dust buster. We will discuss each break down of specifications of the two units.


Seriously, is there even a slight necessity on settling about the size and dimensions? Technically, a dust buster is obviously smaller than stick vacuums. If stick vacuums are said to be very easy to store anywhere in the house, how much more for a dust buster. It is about 4 times smaller than stick vacuums.


Naturally, stick vacuums would always be slightly heavier than dust buster. Take note of the word “slightly”. A typical dust buster weighs about 1-2 kg (3-4 lbs.) and a typical stick vacuums 2-3 kg (4-5 lbs.). So a dust buster weighs about 1 kg less than a stick vacuum.

Suction power

Looking into the suction power for each of the vacuum types, I would say that it all depends on the brand and product itself. More often than not, high-end dust busters in the market are equipped with state of the art suction power technology compare to a cheaper substandard stick vacuum. So if you are very particular with the suction performance, I suggest you read more about products specifications. I recommend you to check Dyson and Black and Decker.

Battery life

Both are cordless, at least most of the stick vacuums sold are cordless. When it comes to the battery life at full use, a typical dust buster runs about 15-20 minutes while a stick vacuum runs about 20-25 minutes.

During cleaning

Regarding cleaning, this is where stick vacuums are very much alike with long-handled dust busters. Both are created for a specific use, not just cleaning, but cleaning such as regular vacuuming. Both are excellent in cleaning for smaller places like car carpets, crevices, crumbs, and simple mess like pet’s hair.

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