Improve Your Home with Painters in Camberwell

Are you on a budget but wish to boost home resale value? Then a paint job is a cost-effective solution to do just that to transform your space. Painting contractors provide a range of services, including exterior and interior painting, wallpaper removal, and more.

If you’re looking to put up your Australian home on the market, you may want to give your interior and exterior a facelift. Below we’ve outlined why painting is a worthwhile investment and whether or not hiring a professional is right for you:

Why Hire a Professional Service?

If you don’t feel like painting your entire house or apartment on your own (which is entirely understandable), then hiring a professional service may be best. Professional painters in Camberwell use their expertise and state-of-the-art tools to complete projects quickly with little mess left behind, making them suited for any job, large or small!

While DIY projects are certainly cheaper, most homeowners struggle with the sheer amount of time it takes to complete a paint job. Inexperienced painters will typically use the wrong paint, causing it to peel or chip, and using paintbrushes that leave streaks. Professional painters, in contrast, are equipped with the tools to complete a job well done, as they’re trained and experienced in this field.

In addition to painting, a professional will also do the correct preparations (provided you’ve requested this service) for your surfaces. This includes sanding, filling any holes or cracks, and priming the surface so your paint job will last longer.

The Case for Painting

A Paint Job is Relatively Cheap compared to Most Renovations

In the grand scheme of home improvement projects, painting is a relatively inexpensive option. If you’re looking to add value and improve your living space for a reasonable price, paint jobs are an excellent choice!

In Australia, the average cost to renovate your kitchen is $17,000, while homeowners in Sydney have to pay a whopping $23,000 – and that’s just for a basic renovation! A paint job, meanwhile, will cost you around $3,000. 

In the end, it comes down to whether or not you have a little time and patience to spare. Painting is an affordable alternative for homeowners looking for ways to improve their living space on a budget.

Exterior Painting Can Increase Curb Appeal and Protect Your Home

A paint job is beneficial for homeowners looking to increase their home’s resale value. Curb appeal is an essential factor when selling a home, and painting your exterior is one of the easiest ways to improve it.

In terms of protecting your Camberwell property, paint jobs provide excellent protection against heat, moisture, and other weather conditions that can lead to damage. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, then exterior paint jobs are an ideal option!

When Should You Paint Your Camberwell Home?

While there’s no such thing as “the perfect time” to renovate, painters recommend painting in the wintertime. Opting to paint in Australia’s winter is ideal as there’s less humidity in the air, which causes paint to dry faster, as there’s less moisture.

If you’re looking to complete your renovation project this spring, then that’s perfectly fine too! However, be sure to thoroughly dry any surfaces before painting to ensure you achieve the best results.

When investing in professional service, always remember there’s no right or wrong decision as every job will vary depending on its requirements. However, if you feel confident enough to do this project yourself – make sure you have all the necessary tools and knowledge before starting out. The last thing homeowners want is a mess from spills or splatters ruining their new surface!


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