7 House Painting Rules That You Should Never Break!

Colours hold a special place in everyone’s heart! So much so that colours are even believed to be therapeutic. And paint is the best source to welcome colours to your home. But if you aren’t following the right set of rules to carry out this task, this colourful delight wouldn’t charm up the home as much as it should!

Basic House Painting Rules That Couldn’t Be Avoided!

Whether you are going for a DIY painting of your house or hiring some professionals for the task, if proper procedure isn’t followed, flaws are natural to occur. A paint job looks pristine only if it’s perfect. So, are you ready to read the rules to a properly painted house?

  • No compromise on materials — Nice walls require excellent paints! Just picking the right colour won’t do you any good if its quality isn’t worth it! Similarly, if your equipment isn’t right, forget the right strokes and accuracy in your shade. Remember, never ever adjust in quality when painting your house! The entire beauty of your home is at stake.
  • Be sure of the labour —If you are trying to paint yourself, do learn the proper tactics of the same through a trusted source. If hiring a professional, ensure you are inquiring about them in detail. You should search and select the best from the house painters. In Auckland, Ayda Painting offers great service in painting your homes that ensure a wonderful looking home adorned with the flawless paint job.
  • Prep for the painting task — Painting requires proper preparations. Cover your electrical switches and furniture, clean the walls that are to be painted, scrap the old paint on it and ensure the temperature isn’t too cold or too humid while you are painting. These steps before the commencement of painting assure great results!
  • Apply more than one coat — Just a single coat of paint isn’t enough to give you satisfactory results. Ensure you are repeating the strokes to get a smooth texture on your walls.
  • Beware of lead paint — Though today’s paints don’t contain lead, still be sure you are inquiring about the same while buying it. Also, don’t forget to check the old paint that you are scraping — it may contain lead and could be enough to harm you while you try to take it off and repaint the area.
  • Always test first — The paint shade that you choose looks entirely different when you apply the same on the walls. That is why you are always advised to test a small patch or area first before you finalise the shade and paint the entire room with that colour.
  • Never skip a primer — A primer provides a smoother surface for you to paint conveniently on! Also, if you desire a neat looking paint or want to have a lighter shade on a darker surface, then primer becomes very crucial and shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Painting a house recreates magic and brings life to your house! But only if it’s done correctly. With any of the pointers missed, you can’t gain flawless finishing of your painted walls and hence even your décor suffers lack of pizzazz!


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