Above all of the plumbing problems one that scares the property owner most is a leak inside the wall. It is right to be scared because you do not know how to find that leak. It can cause permanent damage to the structure as well. Most of the damage would be done a long time before you even know it.

The reason for that is water can travel a long way through narrow channels. The problem might appear in the form of mold in different areas of home but the probable cause remains leak in the roof. You should hire a professional plumber if you are not eligible to deal with it personally. The following are the facts that can motivate you to take an in time action.

water leak detection

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Understand the cause of leaking

Before you devise a strategy to deal with a leak inside the wall, you should understand what can cause a leak inside the wall. The water pipes are kept in the walls for protection, they don’t look classy on the outside either. There can be more than one cause of internal leakage. Poor quality of plumbing, old piping network, pipe burst due to extreme temperature, and bad quality of pipes are the most popular known causes of a water leak inside the wall.

Wet patches on the wall

There are several ways you can spot a leak inside the wall. The water patches on the wall are one of the most common signs of an inside leak. A building under construction can have these patches all over the building because a lot of water is used in developing the structure. The concrete is a very poor absorbent of water and it will show the reaction on the outer side of the wall. You shouldn’t ignore this situation and take precautionary measures to avoid problems.

The appearance of mold

The use of improper plumbing fixtures is one of the most common problems and it can easily cause an internal leak that can allow the growth of mold on walls. The presence of mold is not only annoying but it can be a health hazard over long periods of time. The mold needs perfect humid ambiance and relatively darker places to grow. If there’s no other source of humidity nearby, then it is probably a leak in the wall. A good remedy to avoid excessive humidity is good ventilation.

Paint chipping

You might have experienced the paint chippings in several places. There are not so many reasons that can cause it. If you are lucky, then it is just the bad quality paint that doesn’t have an adequate local climate. If the paint quality is perfectly fine, then you should be worried because it can be an internal leak that would have caused the paint chipping. It happens when paint can’t stick to the wall due to huge amounts of moisture inside.

Compare the water bills

You can’t call it a regular way of leak detection. Many people pay the water bills on the annual bases and in smaller towns the bills are paid on a monthly basis. An enormous increase in the billing amount should raise questions. If you don’t leave your taps open, then there’s only one possible explanation for the excessive bills. You should contact a licensed plumber for leak repair and detection.

Detecting water leaks is an easy task when your piping network is outside and visible. The detection of a leak inside the walls is rather a tricky matter. You might not be able to do it single-handedly, so you should hire professional services to help you out. They will work through different assumptions and create a hypothesis about the leaks. Eventually, it will lead to sorting out your problem.


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Written by Justin Mark

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