How to choose the best windows for your home?

Building your house is a pretty expensive affair, and it is also very prone to go over budget. Let’s face it –  we all love to indulge and pamper ourselves; when it comes to building our abodes, we want to get the best, the most beautiful objects we can find. Imagine getting intricately carved wooden windows done and the cost you will incur to create them to your specifications – only to realise one year later, that dust has settled in the crevices or that the wood has warped. This article is an attempt to help you save money by making the right choices.

Choosing the right material  

New windows are available in multiple materials such as aluminium, uPVC, vinyl and fibreglass. Even if you are planning to replace windows of only one room, you should look at using the most sturdy material – which today is uPVC. These windows are long lasting and require minimum maintenance.

Choosing the right level of insulation

The next thing to keep in mind is the kind of insulation you are looking for. Even in temperate climates, there is a need for air conditioners. If you want better insulation against the outside weather, you can buy a window with double pane which has a sealed air space between the two glass sheets. There is also a “low-E” option available which has an invisible coating of metal on one surface and an inert gas in the space between the two glass panes to provide your interiors with the best insulation.

Choosing the right level of security

Likewise, if you need your windows to be more secure, you need to find windows with multiple points locking systems. Beware though to not lock yourself out in your balcony – you may not be able to break them open.

Choosing the right style

Windows are available in a host of styles, and hence, you will get ample options to meet the decor requirements.

Casement windows: These windows pivot on hinges that are located on the sides of the window frame, they open and close like the doors in your house would.

Double hung windows: These windows slide up and down and offer a more traditional look. Modern-day iterations have a spring mounted mechanism and UPVC Sliding windows facilitate easy sliding function.

Choosing sturdiness  

Over time, intense sunlight, monsoons and ice take a toll on your windows and decays the timber.  Timber loses all its strength once it starts rotting putting the security of your house in jeopardy. To test the integrity of a timber window, take a flat end screwdriver and try to push it in  – if it goes in easily it means the wood has started decaying and its time to look for a new window. uPVC, on the other hand, is durable, and not affected by such elements. There is no need to spend money on polish, repair or replacement.

A little effort and knowledge go a long way in saving your money and resources when you are building your house or renovating. Follow the tips in the article and make sure you are spending your money wisely to build your windows!


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