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I will be having house guests for two to three months. It is my sister and her husband. They need a place to stay while they are fixing up the house they are going to buy. It is my parent’s house. My parents moved out about five years ago, and the house has just been sitting there. I check on it once in a while.

But it is really useless for now, and they haven’t bothered with selling it. Mainly because there is so much of our family stuff still there, and they are getting older and don’t want to deal with it. So they are happy my sister is buying the house. I will be helping my sister go through the family stuff when I can.

My sister is waiting until she finds a job before she moves in here. They will probably work on the house on weekends. It needs cleaning up and a lot of remodeling. The house is old and in bad repair. It will take a while to get fixed up.

As for them staying here, it’s going to be tight. We don’t have a spare bedroom, so they will be sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. We only have one bathroom, so we will have to work out some kind of shower schedule.

As for food, we haven’t worked out a plan yet. I plan to offer to do all the cooking, since everyone else will be working. We will work that out when she gets here.

I am happy my sister is coming to stay. I haven’t seen her much lately, as she lives far away right now. Hopefully this will be a good bonding time for us.


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