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Here Are Ten Reasons Why Your Drain Blocked and It Has to Be One of These!

The 21st century is also known for several pathogens that carry the deadliest diseases. The blocked drain outside your house is something that must concern you. Because, if you are not involved now, then the day when diseases break into your home is not far.

The blocked drain swarming with bacteria and germs can be an inconvenience for the households located nearby. A blocked drain isn’t also something good for passers-by as they may get an awful impression of your locality.

The foul smell you have been observing since long might be due to the drain blockage. It’s time to act now, but it also becomes necessary to know the causes that led you to this grave situation.

Here are all the reasons why your drain blocked:

  1. Because there’s too much hair in your drainage
  2. The pipe might have remained exposed to plants and leaves
  3. Because fatty substances formed over time and blocked it
  4. Because you disposed of toiletries in the wrong place
  5. There might be broken pipes in your drainage
  6. The water flow in the drains might be too slow
  7. There might be some issue with the pipe installation
  8. Heavy rains can clog your drain at times
  9. Because you use the kitchen sink for disposing of edibles
  10. Because you haven’t got the drainage cleaned since long

The hair-factor in blocked drains

Yes, your hair that falls can block the drains! Knowingly or unknowingly you let all the hair that falls while you bathe flow in the drainage through your bathroom sinks. All the hair later accumulates at a place and results in a blocked drain.

Plants, leaves and debris

Wind tends to bring dry leaves and debris from faraway lands to your drain and clog it. Even the trash that comes out of your garden goes and joins its kins from other places (leaves from different trees) and leaves you with a blocked drain. How about covering the drains aptly and avoid any such situations?

That fat that you wash off while bathing

When you bath, it’s not just the hair that falls. The dirt and fatty substances build-up into huge chunks and try to find a passage out through the pipes. This is when they find unfavourable circumstances to pass. Thus, they find a place to settle and block drains.

The toiletries that you throw away carelessly

Your house has small kids and, understandably, your home produces tonnes of waste from toiletries over the year. What’s not understandable is throwing all these into the sink. All these items that you flush down later come back to you when the drain gets blocked.

Faulty pipes in the drainage

There can be broken pipes that have brought upon you a blocked drain. It’s necessary to get the pipes checked regularly by an expert and get the damaged pipes changed.

A slow water flow

You will know that you may get a blocked drain anytime soon when you see the water sinking slowly. Low water pressure can be a result of the formation of sediments in the pipes.

A faulty installation

There can be a situation where you just installed new pipes but are facing a blocked drain. Drain blockage can occur when the plumber carelessly fits pipes or leaves some joints undone or loose.

Heavy rains in your locality

With heavy rains, comes water pouring down in quantity that your drainage might not be capable of passing through at once. Naturally, this can bring blockage in the drain and later result in disease-carrying bacteria and germs dwelling in the clogged water.

Disposing of edibles through the kitchen sink

A blocked drain can also come from your carelessness in trying to sink small pieces of edibles through the kitchen sink. Laziness is a vice, and edibles from the kitchen must always be disposed of in the dustbin.

Not cleaning the drains regularly

Considering the fact that the drains can be the dwelling for disease-carrying bacteria, cleaning the drains becomes crucial periodically.


You don’t want to get sick as a result of some aspect that you ignored. It has to be one of the above reasons. All I suggest is to take care of the above points every time and save yourself from a blocked drain.

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Written by Holly Jacob

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