Hardwood floor issues which demand immediate attention

Wood has been a basic shelter requirement for humans since ages, and even in the 21st Century, it has not lost its grip in our lives. Talking about shelter, wood plays a significant role in making sturdy flooring in our modern homes. The brilliance of wooden floors is that when installed with perfection, they last as long as the house. However, if such floors start facing issues, they demand immediate attention for an effective remedy. Case in point, read on the following tips and make the right decisions for reaping significant benefits.

  1. Peeling finish

Floor finishes are meant to stick around for a longer time. However, if the floor or the finish is contaminated with chemicals and dirt, it will start to peel off very soon. Aside from the contamination, there are a few other reasons for the finish to peel off such as:

  • The sanding process made the floor too smooth for the finish to adhere to.
  • Presence of stain residue which was not cleaned before applying finish
  • Not proper between applying different coats
  • Working with incompatible coats
  • Applying coats over a wet floor

The only way to take care of peeling finish is to sand the floor till it reaches the bare surface, and begin the finishing process again.

  1. Gapping

There are gaps, and then there are abnormal gaps. It’s the latter one that we are worried about here. Too much dryness in the environment or wet wood during installation can lead to such gaps. Such gaps should be treated when they disrupt the overall look of the floor. Getting them repaired during humid times is a sensible choice as it will leave room for easier expansion.

  1. Uneven sanding

Uneven sanding leads to the installation of uneven floorboards which will never make good flooring. If your floor is not sanded with accuracy, the finish you apply will not stick for long as well. So how do you suppose to take care of such a flooring issue? By beginning again! Experts providing professional floor sanding and working with drum sanders will help minimise the unevenness in the floor. Followed by refinishing, the floor will look as good as new.

  1. Broken or fractured floors

Chipped, cracked and fractured are a few words which are commonly used to describe broken floors. The reason for cracking could be manufacturers fault or dry atmosphere. If you are willing to take care of the crack yourself, then a manufacturer crack kit is your best bet. It comes with a marker, finish and wood filler. In case of taking professional help, let them replace the floorboard and then apply a coat of finish all over the floor for even tone.

  1. Stained flooring

While there are numerous reasons which could lead to staining on the floor, but if the stain has managed to penetrate the wood fibres, then you are going to have a tough time. If it’s a pet urine stain or a water stain, then you can try working with a two-part wood bleach but replacing the board is a better idea. In case of stains occurring in the wood floor finish, wood-floor cleaner or the process of sanding will do the trick for you. Ask the professionals to opt for dust-free floor sanding, so there is less mess to deal with after the process is completed.

Hardwood floors are meant to last. However, with kids and pets in the house or because of the use of low-quality wood, the issues mentioned above can arise anytime. Keep an eye out for any deformities and get the repair process initiated as soon as you spot a problem.


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