Got rid of Most Yard Wastes

Monday, 7.5.21

Last night, I had taken out my yard waste bin in front of my house for the WM truck to pick up the green wastes. For some reason, on Friday morning, they hadn’t picked up the green waste bin. They just emptied the garbage bin. I had called WM Saturday morning, and they told me to leave it out again on Monday morning. So, at 2 pm, they finally came by and emptied it. I placed it in the garage, afterwards. Then, I remembers there are some small bags filled with green wastes in the backyard area. So, I decided to place them inside the bin, and save it for Friday morning pickup. But as I was rolling the full bin towards the garage, around 4 pm, I noticed another WM truck stop by my townhouse. Wow. ESP. How did they know I was filling up my recently emptied Green Waste Bin? When he dumped the green wastes in the WM truck, I told the guy that I will have more on Friday morning. 

I have another small bag, but not full as well as other outdoor wastes in an old garbage can in the back area. I also have two small trees growing through the hard ground that I need to break off somehow. I need to go to ACE Hardware to see if they have a small saw or something like that so that I can saw them off from the bottom. I also need to sweep the back area one more time because there are a little bit of small debris here and there. It is breezy and windy here. It should fit in the small bag that is half full, and the other woody stuff should fit in the Green Waste bin for next time. 

That was an interesting coincidence. The WM truck was going on two rounds in my neighborhood? 


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