Errand & Backyard Work

Tuesday, 7.6.21

I woke up tired. Although I dressed for the gym beause I was planning on going to the gym anyway, I realized that if I work out today, my workout won’t be good anyway. It was probably because I slept late last night. So, I stayed home and did some errands. I had to go to the ATM, put some gas in the Beetle, and then I drove to the big Target to buy a handsaw. I browsed around at other items I need to see their availability. I might go back for the other stuff some other day. I returned home and sawed  two small trees growing out from near the neighbors yards, one on each side. I couldn’t do the whole thing from the roots. I sweeped fallen debris from pine trees and other trees overhead. Lots of pine needles and other plants. I placed sweeped pieces into 2 smaller bags so it would be more manageable for me to carry when full. There is a breeze here. So, I am sure there will be more mess in a week or two. I filled the Green Waste Bin with branches, pine needles, and other plant debris. I placed the bin in the garage for Friday morning garbage pickup day. 

I remember the guy in Target mentioned spraying weed killer on it. I might have some left from the past. I will also try to use a hoe and gardening shovel to try to get the tree roots out, if i can. 

I kept some pine cones that looked in good shape for outdoor decor.

I finished at 4:30pm. I have a walking meetup at 6:30pm. 


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