Creating a unique outdoor space

The countdown to summer has well and truly begun. Thoughts have probably drifted towards long nights spent relaxing in your garden, barbecues with family and summer cocktails with friends. All of these events hinge around having your outside space ready. If you are hoping to create a unique area in which to while away the hours, continue reading for our hints and tips. 

Plants and Flowers

When we think about creating an attractive outdoor space, our attention usually springs immediately to the bright and colorful plants and flowers. What if, just maybe, you went against all the usual rules? Do not inject color in the form of living things. Instead, choose black and white flowers or stick to just greenery. It might sound controversial and a little off the wall, but it would certainly help you in your mission towards creating a unique area. Furthermore, you then have more of a blank canvas to play with when it comes to the other changes to be made within this space. The color of the plants and flowers is not the only thing to consider. Think about the fragrance too. We are huge fans of the ones which smell like chocolate. You may also wish to think about flowers which could attract bees, such as lavender. We are all aware of the necessity of them for the world to continue as it is, so providing them with the necessary nectar and pollen would be a good choice. 

Seating and Table

Long gone are the days of being happy to sit on a picnic blanket until the early hours. Consider investing a little time and money into a decent seating area. Many people are choosing to reuse unwanted pallets and create a sofa. You can even purchase ready-made pallet sofa cushions for them or make your own. Choosing to paint the wood in a vibrant color can create a great talking point as well as making for an aesthetically pleasing place to spend time. Table and chair sets that you can buy from DIY stores are also a good option, but they tend to be pretty mundane in terms of their appearance, and they are not always the comfiest of options. However, that does not mean that you couldn’t indulge in a spot of upcycling and create something marvelous. 


Have you ever stared at a wall thinking of the wasted opportunity? There is so much space there, yet they largely go untouched. What a waste! If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush, consider an enormous mural or even just a simple whitewash. You can then add a screen and use to watch movies on warm summer nights. Another alternative would be to invest in some outdoor canvas art. Whether you want to stare at the wall and be whisked away, in your imagination, to a tropical paradise or you simply want to enjoy a beautiful landscape, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. 

Mud and Mess

When we said unique, we didn’t necessarily mean beautiful so although there is something very special about mud. If you have children, you may wish to indulge their interests and set up a muddy corner. Many under 5s childcare provision offer mud kitchens to help to meet the kiddies’ sensory needs as well as supporting them to fire up their imaginations. There is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t have a muddy area in your outside space if you have enough room. It might sound a little scary, but we promise you that you will feel the benefits too. How’s that for unique?

Rest and Relax

What nicer way to spend an evening than relaxing in your garden? Imagine a glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other. You might also need to get rid of the rest of the family for a little while for it really to be as good as it sounds! The previously mentioned seating might not cut if for relaxing properly unless you are able to lie down. Consider purchasing a hammock. It may take a little practice getting in and out without landing on the floor or spilling your wine, but we promise that it’s worth it. Giant beanbags are also another option, and a safer one if you struggle to balance. Not only could they be brought inside easily if the heavens open, but you can also use them indoors if you’d like to. For an even more calming ambience, an outdoor water fountain would be a lovely addition. The slow trickle of water sound can help focus your mind. 


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