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Colour it Up! Use Colours to Create A Beautiful Feature Wall!

Why not upgrade the interior with a feature wall? There are many options, but brick is one of the most versatile and amazing option for walls. You have the choice of playing with various colours. When you add colour to your interior space, you are going to make it win accolades from guests and visitors.

Look around and you will find reputed agencies with a wide variety of feature brick wall options. The brick walls are gaining popularity fast, due to its versatility. There are numerous options, it is up to you, which one will add value to your property.


If your wall has a fireplace then adding a brick feature wall adds warmth to the room. People go to great lengths to get a brick wall nowadays. Some even strip the room walls of all colour and plaster to expose the bricks and create a classy looking wall. Why tear down the wall, when you have the option of adding a brick feature wall. The agencies offer a wide choice, from natural to warm colours. Choose the one that suits your room the best and create a unique and beautiful looking space.


Feature walls come in a variety of colours and each colour can add value to the room. Some colours work in certain rooms, so you need to think about the dynamics of the room and set the colour accordingly. The options are many and you will need to think about the colour combinations. Play with the colours and come up with your favourite combination. Here are a few colours and what each signifies:

  • Dark Hues: It is a common misconception that dark colours tend to make the room smaller, or rather lend the room a smaller look. What most people forget is that darker hues add much more drama to the room décor and uplift the room’s look, if used appropriately. You need to add some textural elements to uplift the look of the room. Add some brightly coloured fabrics, plants and even some metal elements or furniture with metal finish.
  • Black & White: A white brick feature wall is a safe, but classy choice. This offers the room a spacious feel. Which is always welcome, especially if the room is small to medium size. You could also become a bit more adventurous with a black feature wall. When you add a black feature wall, you are giving the room an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Highlight: Use different coloured brick walls to create a more balanced and beautiful room. If the room has some unusual architecture or oddly shaped areas, highlight them with a different brick colour. This will help add character to the room and make it more interesting for people.
  • Neutral Colours: When you add a feature wall, you will want to make the room unique. This will be possible if you are adding colours. Now, if you have little idea about colours, then let it go. Stick to the neutral colours and you will be able to complete the project successfully. Remember that feature walls are usually permanent, so you will need to plan the décor accordingly.

Before you decide on what colour the feature wall will be, you need to reach to the decision about which company or agency would be perfect for you. Investing in a brick wall, you will need to find experts, who know what they are doing. Reputed agencies have their reputations at stake so, you can expect nothing, but the best. Create a beautiful looking room with the help of fake brick Siding.


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Written by CaitlynBell