All You Should Know About Pond Fountains Aeration

Fountains are beautiful and soothing additions to an outdoor pond. This playful action of the water is very mesmerizing to watch. The gentle splash produces soothing sounds especial on hot summer afternoons. When considering adding a fountain in your pond, it is very important to mind about appropriate aeration. This eliminates foul odors and dirt in the pond water for Koi fish to thrive. Read on to understand more about pond fountains and aeration.

Understanding pond aeration

Ponds usually have plants and fish living underwater and need oxygen to survive. These give off carbon dioxide and other gases requiring elimination from the water. Still, water only allows gaseous exchange to happen on the surface. Oxygen is more on the surface acquired from the air to release carbon dioxide and related byproducts. Keep in mind that aquatic life underwater needs oxygen as well. Therefore, aeration circulates air throughout the whole pond. It also keeps the pond fresh and clean helping to keep aquatic life alive.

Benefits of pond fountain aeration

As noticed above, aeration is an essential aspect of maintaining a pond. Aeration stirs up the water by stirring it to encourage adequate air circulation. Appropriate aeration lessens chances of turnovers and stratification in your pond. This is why it is very important to invest in the best fountain aerator for appropriate water circulation. Below are the factors that might affect your fountain aeration performance.

Pond depth

A fountain doesn’t draw water from the deepest end of the pond. Therefore, a 6 feet deep pond won’t allow a fountain to draw water from the bottom. This will lead to inappropriate circulation in the pond leading to inadequate aeration. Ensure to invest in the best Kasco fountain for a pond less than 6 feet deep and with appropriate spray pattern for the best aeration.

Spray pattern and aeration

The right supplier of quality pond fountains has a range with various spray patterns. This ensures choosing a fountain that creates an elegant and eye-catching sight to give your pond an amazing look. Keep in mind that fountains don’t offer the same aeration. This depends on the brand and spray pattern of the fountain. Some fountains create fancier spray patterns while expending too much energy. These fountains create design purposes than aeration.   The ideal fountain for aeration should have a simple and elegant V-shaped pattern. A fountain with a finer spray exposes more water molecules to the air. Choosing the right fountain also depends on pond shape, size, and depth without compromising on offering adequate aeration. Regardless of your choice of the pond, a reliable supplier will have top quality fountains to meet your requirements while keeping the pond clean and fresh.

Dangers of poor pond aerationStratification

Water in a pond absorbs oxygen and heat on the surface. It is important to promote even distribution of heat and oxygen throughout the pond to avoid their accumulation on the surface. This leads to stratification with the water forming progressive colder layers and water at the pond bottom deprived of oxygen.  This is likely to promote thriving of anaerobic bacteria in the oxygen-deprived water at the bottom. The bacteria feed on the organic matter at the pond bottom. This is likely to encourage the accumulation of by-products in the water from the anaerobic process leading to foul odors and rotting mess in your pond. You might notice stratification with the presence of fish congregating at the water surface or the presence of dead fish floating.

Water temperature imbalances

A more than 6 feet deep pond usually suffers from temperature imbalances. The top surface water heats faster compared to the water at the bottom. Since temperature affects water density, the pond layers obtain different densities making it hard to intermix. A pond that stays long in this situation leads to oxygen deprivation at the pond bottom. This will make aquatic plants to become fodder for anaerobic bacteria. This will lead to odors and accumulation of filth at the pond bottom.In cooler weather, water on the pond surface cools and allows the layers to mix suddenly. Alternatively, a strong storm might also upset the water. Presence of rotting plants in the pond encourages draining of oxygen. This fast turnover might kill all fish and plant life remaining in the pond. Appropriate aeration is encouraged aquatic life to thrive in your pond.

Choosing a pond fountain

Now that you have realized the importance of investing in a pond fountain, it is time to hit the market. The best stop is an online supplier with products from a reliable brand like Kesco.  You will have a range of beautiful fountains to make a choice. This will help you choose a fountain that will offer a lovely spray pattern and appropriate aeration in your pond.

Bottom line

A pond is a wonderful addition in your outdoor landscape. However, a fountain is necessary to encourage aeration. This will keep your pond healthy and allow aquatic life to thrive.

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