All you need to know about Drain Camera Inspection

A drain camera is a waterproof camera that allows you to visually inspect the sewer lines and pipes that are underground and placed under your home’s foundation. When you start using a drain inspection camera, you will get to know about all the mysteries hidden in the pipes. A drain inspection camera can be used to identify many problems starting from root intrusion to the pipes that are broken, punctured, misaligned, corroded, or off-grade. This camera will also help you to spot grease build up, obstructions or leakage of pipes. After the damage is fixed, you can once again repeat the inspection by using these cameras.

To get these drain cameras to be fitted inside your sewage system, you will need the help of professionals, who will help you with the installation process and help you through the entire process of inspection. So, you need to look for such companies near your locality that provide these inspection systems. For example, if you are residing in Melbourne, then you can look for drain camera inspection Melbourne and know about all the companies around you that provide such a service. Choose the company which suits all your criteria for this inspection service.

The professionally trained inspectors will first insert a flexible rod that is fixed with a high-resolution camera at the tip of the rod inside the drain. This rod will easily travel along the entire drain route allowing the camera to shoot the inside of the drain completely. Based on the camera footage, the technicians will help you to understand the inner condition of the drain and make you aware of a potential problem if any.

The video camera attached to the rod has radio transmitters fixed on it which allows the camera to record the physical location of any defect and also helps in analysing the entire depth of it. If there are any drain line obstruction, that can also be identified by using this camera. This entire process doesn’t take much time and also doesn’t take much manual labour. This technique is cost-effective and is very much preferred for drain and pipeline inspections.

You can perform this drain camera inspection periodically to assess any potential threat in your drainage lines. Periodic checks will not only let you know about the risks but also make you aware of the probable solutions you can take to prevent this damage from occurring. That will keep your pipelines protected and save you the unnecessary cost of repair. However, in the case, you failed to get a periodic check done; then also you can opt for these inspections under certain circumstances. Opt for this service when you notice there are drain line backups or clogs. Or, in the case, the outflow of the water through the drain gets slower; inspection is recommended.

Before buying a new home, it is advisable to get the sewage lines checked through this inspection process. The professionals will help you fix all your drain and plumbing related issues even if they are outdoors.


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