7 Routines that Will Make Your Yard Look Fantastic

You are probably well aware that a garden requires a lot of attention and love to look fantastic but what does this care actually mean? You’d be surprised to find out that all this care comes down to 7 routines that all green thumbs in Australia stick to. They include everything from introducing mulch, across sprucing up the roof, all the way to updating the pathways.

Colorful mulch

When it comes to covering large surfaces inside the yard, then a verdant lawn seems like the best solution. However, the lawn cannot extend into the garden or around large threes, where mulch is a sounder option for several reasons.

Firstly, mulch prevents weeds from growing by blotting out sunlight which can be strong in coastal regions of Australia. Secondly, mulch helps keep the ground moist by slowing down the evaporation process, leaving the plants with more water underground.

However, most homeowners like to place mulch because it is colorful and it beautifies any garden. Even homemade mulch can be dyed if you are skillful enough.

Get all the equipment you need

If you want the yard to look fantastic, then you’ll need the right tools to spruce it up. This includes rubber gloves, a shovel, a rake, clippers, a wheelbarrow, gardening shears, plastic trash bags, a retractable water hose, fertilizer, etc.

Deepening on the size of your garden, you might throw in a power tool or two, such as an electric hedge trimmer or a mechanized lawnmower. Of course, all the tools you buy for garden upkeep need to be stored in a dry place, such as a tool shed.

Engage in a bit of landscaping

The aforementioned mulch is often used for landscaping purposes but there are many other landscaping tools at your disposal. Pruning and trimming are among the routines you should engage in to make the garden look perfect. Take the time to trim canopies and bushes, as well as to pluck weeds or snap off dead branches.

Updating the roof

When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, the state of the roof plays a major role in it. Old-fashioned orange tiles that are full of moss are not considered appealing by anyone in New South Wales so updating the roof should be among the priorities.

We can recommend slate roofing because it is weatherproof and the rocky material is quite resistant to fire. Don’t be surprised if you notice slate roofing in Sydney becomes popular in the years to come because the material is durable and it can last up to two centuries!

Take extra care of the garden furniture and the patio

The reason why slate roofing is longevous lies within the homogeneous metamorphic rock’s structure. Wood, on the other hand, is far less weatherproof so you need to take extra care of it. In most yards, the furniture and the patio (including the roof and the railing), are made from timber which requires regular protection.

Apart from cleaning wooden surfaces in the yard, you should polish them regularly. During bad weather, especially in the winter, make sure all the furniture is inside or at least covered if left outside. The patio should be painted frequently because the paint is both coloring and protection against water damage.

Dealing with outdoor clutter

As every Australian homeowner is probably aware indoor clutter is hard to shake off. Unfortunately, the same goes for the clutter in your yard so finding a place for everything is essential. Just like the garden tools belong in the shed so should pots, pans, and bikes have a place of their own.

New and updated pathways

Whether it’s the front yard lawn or the backyard garden, outdoor space should be easily traversed. This is achieved through pathways that branch out across the whole property.

Presuming you already some kind of pathways, you should start by cleaning them using a jet of pressurized water. Afterward, replace missing floor tiles and place some flowers along the edges.

Alternatively, you can replace the paving material or decide to build new pathways. There are various paving materials to choose from but gravel is the cheapest option as all you need are several sacks of gravel available at the nearest garden center.

The key point for the 7 yard upkeep tips listed above is to turn them into a routine. Cleaning sprees several times a year are nice and all but regular maintenance will get you further in terms of cleanliness.


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