7 Brilliant Ways to Use Mosquito Killers

Many people know how irritating it is to have mosquitoes in your space. They leave red ugly rashes when they bite and leave you with itchy skin. Mosquitoes also cause diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and the deadly zika virus. These are enough reasons why you should think of getting rid of them. Fortunately, mosquito killers are available and affordable too.

Mosquito killers are easy to use; you don’t need to have any training. Mosquito killers are found in many types. The most common ones are traps, foggers, and sprays. Below are ways you can use mosquito killers to give you brilliant results.

1. Mounting Bug Zappers in Dimly Lit Rooms

Mosquitoes are attracted to light. Bug zappers are the best in proving ultraviolet lights. When they come close to this light, the devices kill them. Placing them in dimly lit rooms will increase the number of mosquitoes being attracted to the bug zapper.

2. Applying Larvicides and Mosquito Killers on Standing Water

Mosquito larva and mosquitoes love to land breed in standing water. Applying mosquito sprays and larvicides in standing water could help in killing them. Mostly, standing water can be found in your yards and close to your house.

3. Application of Insecticides in Areas where Mosquitoes Rest

Mosquitoes as we know, work at night and rest in the day. If you are keen enough you would notice where they rest. Applying mosquito killers will eliminate the mosquitoes completely from their habitat.

4. Placing Mosquito Traps at the Door

Traps usually emit CO2. This lures mosquitoes and once they are near they are captured and put in the trapping bag, they die. Placing them near the entrance hinders them from entering the house.

5. Use Foggers in Your Yard

Foggers are the most effective mosquito killers. They emit a very toxic cloud to mosquitoes. Once a mosquito comes in contact, they die almost immediately. Foggers are long-lasting and are best kept outside.

6. Lighting Camphor Oil in the House

Mosquitoes are known to hate the smell of camphor. If they breathe camphor for a long period they eventually die. What you have to do is just light camphor with all the doors and windows closed. Leave the house in that state for half an hour and you will be free from the buzzes.

7. Putting Dry Ice in A container

Well, dry ice is a mosquito killer. Mosquito is attracted to carbon dioxide that humans emit. Dry ice also emits this gas. When you see mosquitoes being attracted to the container close the lid and wait for them dry out and die. Although this method is tiresome and time-consuming, it is effective.


Mosquitoes can be the most difficult insects to eradicate. Considering the annoying results of their bites, every effort is actually worth it. We highly recommend that you find the most natural insecticides that are not so harmful to humans. When you choose to use repellent then the EPA-registered ones are the best. Before buying any of them we suggest that you consider their storage too.

Good mosquito killers should come in well-packaged containers to avoid leakages. Another thing to consider is the effectiveness and ease of use. If you are struggling with the irritating buzzes of a mosquito then you should buy a good mosquito killer. Moreover, you need also to consider the two most important ways of using a mosquito killer we have seen above.

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