6 Ways to Create a Backyard Getaway

We all dream of going to a nice spa or resort, a place where we can chill, spend some time in the sun, relax, and be one with nature. The warm sun, nice, fresh air, foliage, and the sound of flowing water all overwhelming your senses. Well, what if we told you don’t have to go to a resort and can, in fact, try something a bit different.

Namely, why not turn your backyard into a resort. Invest some money, some hard work, and see what you can accomplish. Why not have the resort you want, the one from your dreams, whenever you want it. Well, the article below can give you some ideas and tips on how to do just that.

Pick a theme

One of the first things you can try is picking a specific theme. Most often you can see resorts relying on one theme or another, all designed to get a specific niche, one single group or customer base. A tropical theme, something oriental, maybe something rugged and wild… Think about getting one yourself, just so you can at least know what to focus on.

Do you like lots of planks, wood, to give off a jungle-like, tribal vibe? DO you prefer something a bit more eastern, with lots of bamboos and a koi fish pond…? Of course, you don’t even have to choose just one style (it is your backyard, after all) – so, mix things up a little if you’re in the mood.

Don’t forget about the vegetation

What kind of backyard exists without some nice plants and vegetation? Plant some flowers, set up a garden, a nice flower patch. Spending time tending to flowers is very relaxing, it gets you out of the house, gives you a specific goal, and will just look very pretty. Furthermore, you can plant a vegetable garden as well, and have fresh veggies at all times.

Another thing you should think about is planting trees and different types of shrubbery. This all, of course, depends on how wild you want to be with your plants and your vegetation. There is nothing stopping you from creating an orderly hedge maze, or even bush sculptures.

A good patio and a nice pagoda

There is nothing wrong with going with the basic, traditional ideas used for generations. Namely, getting a nice porch built can give you the peace you need. Or, maybe a nice gazebo with a comfortable seating area and arrangement. Maybe you want a pergola with a high quality eclipse opening roof to regulate just how much sunlight you can get.

Generally having a backyard structure like these can give you the hideaway you want and need in your backyard. Have a clear idea and a solid budget behind you, and you should be good to go.

Get an outdoor shower

Another thing you can try is getting some extra relaxation with an outdoor shower. Now, let’s be honest here, you can only use it seasonally, since, well, you can’t really shower outside during the winter. However, on hot summer nights, there is nothing better than a refreshing shower. The entire thing can be invigorating as well if you need a quick, cold shower to wake up in the morning or to just get your brain to work.

This same shower can also serve as a kind of decoration as well. You obviously need some way to cover yourself form prying, peeping eyes, and you can do so with a proper shower wall. On one hand, you can simply get some lacquered wood panels and be done with it. On the other hand, you can experiment, and make it so that it looks like it’s a rock formation like you entered a small cave or boulder.

Seating arrangements

Finally, you want to have a place to sit, and to relax, so don’t forget about getting benches and just nice seating areas. If you can, have some kind of cover over the place, to shield you from the sun and the rain. A nice hammock can also mean a great deal, giving you that open, cosy relaxing experience.


There is nothing better than going to your backyard and getting away from everybody. Something like this is your little getaway, a little escape from the world, your own safe space. What you want to set up there is up to you. Maybe a simple hammock is enough. However, maybe what you really need are some larger structures, like a pergola or pagoda. Choose a specific theme you would like to see, plant lots of vegetation, and think about further out of the box seating ideas and arrangements.

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