6 Plumbing Tips To Lower Your Water Bill

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, saving on the water bill is very important. Therefore, you could use some insider tips to save as much as possible. Additionally, it takes your initiative to ensure that these ideas work. The amount saved on the water bill comes in handy to help settle other bills like electricity. To save you from guesswork, here are 6 plumbing tips to lower your water bill.

Check the toilet for leaks

When your toilet is leaking, there’s a possibility to waste about 200 gallons of water or more daily. Check the toilet for any running noise. It’s sign of a plumbing problem although some leaks are silent. To check for leaks in your toilet put some drops of food coloring in the water tank. When the color comes out in the bowl without flushing in about 30 minutes, it’s high time you called a plumber.

Fix leaking shower heads and faucets

Do you noticed rips from your faucets or shower heads? Well, these little drips might not seem like a big deal but they can really add up. A leaking faucet might waste more than 3,000 gallons of water annually. In the same year, a leaking shower head might waste more than 500 gallons ofwater annually. Ensure to call a professional plumber to tighten or replace the connections to prevent the leaks.

Upgrade plumbing fixtures

Do you have old plumbing pipes? Perhaps it’s the faucets. Well, the best idea to save water is to call a team of plumbers in Sacramento CA and upgrade all worn out fixtures. Newshowerheads low-flow toilets and faucets use less water. Luckily,these will understand the right kind of fixtures to upgrade. This is possible after a routine inspection of your plumbing system in order to make informed decisions.

Limit use of the garbage disposal

Prolonged use of garbage disposal might considerably lead to water waste. Ensure to keep a full stream of cold water when using the garbage disposal.This will lessen the chances of food scraps clogging down the drainand sewer pipe. There’s also a possibility of saving a considerable amount of water by putting food waste on the composite pile instead of the drain.

Avoid doing the laundry or dishes all the time

It’s very important to only do laundry or run the dishwasher only if you have to. This will considerably save a lot of water. Avoid washing just after eating. Always ensure to run a full load of laundry and dishes to limit water use. This is a trick to save a considerable amount of money on the water bill annually.


Ensure to seethat you make good use of every drop of water. This comes with takingsteps that help lessen water use. Consider making use of waste water for other purposes. The water from cooking pasta is good for wateringplants. Additionally, that last ounce of water in the bottle is goodfor watering plants as well. Reusing your water is a better idea than pouring it down the drain.

You will save a considerable amount if you ensure to incorporate the tips above into your daily routine. A reliable team of plumbers will do a great job and you can easily call them to book a plumbing inspection.


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Written by James Dean

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