5 Essential Safety and Security Tips for Every Homeowner

White picket fences are aesthetic and give the dream-home vibe, but they barely do anything to keep out criminals and intruders. These days, no matter how good the neighborhood, you can never be too complacent and risk making your home vulnerable to bad guys. As the homeowner, it’s your job to take measures to secure your dwellings. Keep these essential security tips in mind to ensure that your home is always safe for you and your family.

Secure All Entry Points to Your Home

Often, the front door is the first thing an intruder checks when trying to get into a home. Statistically, most break-ins happen by forced entry through the front door. With that being said, you must make sure that your front entrance is impenetrable. How?

First is to use a robust solid door. Hollow doors can break easily; thus, they afford little to no defense to your home. Next is to use high-quality metal door sets, which include the doorknob, lock, deadbolt, strike plate, and hinges.

It’s impossible to break a sturdy, dense door without causing a ruckus, but a hard kick by the knob can be all it takes to bust the lock. Superior-quality door sets ensure that your entrance won’t open with just one kick. It will take several, which can delay the intruder and give enough time for someone to notice.

Other than your front door, the back entrance, windows, and chimneys are also possible entry points for interlopers. Ensure that there are superior locks installed in these points, and check if they’re functioning correctly as often as possible.

Professional burglars have many tricks up their sleeve to get into homes. Many of them are very skilled at picking locks. Learn the different ways to break into locks to know how you can defend against these methods.

Install Security Alarms and CCTV Cameras

Security alarms and surveillance cameras work as deterrents against criminals. Homes with security alarm systems have about three times less probability of being burglarized, says And no criminal in their right mind would want to be caught on camera. Most burglars tend to avoid difficult break-ins that can attract attention, so they typically pass off homes with security alarms and CCTV cameras.

With security cameras installed in your home, you can monitor your home real-time when you go on vacations or work trips. If you notice strange noises or movements in your property, you can use the cameras to check the situation without going outside.

Ensure Ample Outdoor Lighting

Intruders will do anything to stay invisible when they trespass into your property. They like to hide in the cover of darkness; hence, ample lighting, particularly outdoors, is a hindrance to these bad guys.

Installing outdoor lighting fixtures keeps you safe by helping you take notice if someone is lurking in your property, especially at night or in the dark hours of the day. With sufficient lighting, your neighbors will also be able to see better if a stranger tries to enter your property illegally, and call the police in time.

Outdoor lighting can serve as effective criminal deterrents, but motion sensor lights can work even better. As the name suggests, this type of lighting turns on when it detects motion or movement, which can give trespassers a startle and potentially stop them from going through their plan.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Getting acquainted with your neighborhood and neighbors is the simplest and one of the most effective ways you can keep your home safe and secure. Learn about the crime rates, common crimes, and vulnerabilities of your neighborhood so that you can guard your home against them.

Bake a delicious pie or whip out your signature dish, and meet your neighbors. This isn’t just to help you acclimate to the place, but this also to help boost your home’s safety and security. Neighbors, especially ones you’re friendly with, can help you look out for your property and jump to your aid during emergencies.

Boost the Safety and Security of Your Home

Your home should be the place where you feel the most comfortable and safest in. A burglary or even an attempt can violate the safety of your residence and make you feel insecure in your own home.

Don’t wait until such time happens. Be proactive about taking steps to secure your home. You should do everything you can to defend your home and your family against bad guys as early as now.


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Written by Devin Yirka


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