4 Ways Fiberglass Insulation is Perfect for Metal Buildings

Metal buildings come with unique problems, maintenance needs, and improvement potential. Understanding what types of products you can use to boost the performance and comfort of your metal building is key if you want to make the most out of your investment. One product is capable of significantly supercharging your metal building: fiberglass insulation. Here are just four of the amazing ways that fiberglass insulation can perfect your metal building: 

1. It’s Moisture-Resistant

No one wants to spend time in a damp metal building. Not only is it uncomfortable, but the moisture build-up can also lead to dangerous internal conditions for the building. Firstly, the moisture build-up can cause both mold and mildew to spread among the building’s interior quickly. For those with severe allergies, this can be life-threatening in some cases. Secondly, the moisture build-up can cause rust issues with metal buildings, which hurts your long-term investment potential.

That being said, fiberglass insulation products are here to protect you from these nightmare moisture-heavy scenarios. Compared to other commonly used insulation products, fiberglass insulation is known for how incredibly moisture-resistant it is. Because metal buildings have to deal with moisture issues more frequently than other building types, it’s key that you’re using all the moisture-resistant insulation and other materials you possibly can to keep the building safe and comfortable to use. Otherwise, you can quickly see your investment turn into a burden, rather than a boon. 

2. It’s Eco-Friendly and Recyclable 

If you are buying building improvement materials in 2022, you’re likely looking to be as eco-friendly as possible. Thankfully, fiberglass insulation products are some of the most earth-boosting building materials you can invest in right now. Not only are they made up of fully renewable materials, such as sand and glass, but the product can be recycled over and over again for future use as well. More than eight billion pounds of recycled glass from post-consumer sources were used by the fiberglass insulation market in the 1990s alone! 

Today, most fiberglass insulation products use upwards of 80% recycled glass when putting together their packages. The fact that abundant natural resources are used to make fiberglass insulation, mixed with its ability to last for over 100 years without maintenance or replacement needs, makes the product a dream for both budget-conscious and eco-friendly consumers. Mixing this eco-friendly insulation with the eco-friendly nature of metal building materials and structures is a true no-brainer. 

3. It’s Fire-Resistant

Many people fail to truly consider fire-hazard potential when it comes to metal buildings. That being said, fire is just as much of a threat to metal buildings, as it is to buildings made out of other materials. While metal buildings may take longer to burn, they can still catch on fire and be destroyed under the right conditions. For this reason, you must invest in materials that are as fire-resistant as humanly possible when making improvements to your metal building. 

Thankfully, fiberglass insulation has amazing fire-resistant qualities that will keep your investment protected from the heat (and will help to keep the heat in as well). And with the world becoming hotter and hotter every year, you must take action to protect your buildings from wildfires and heat waves. One of the most impressive aspects of fiberglass insulation’s fire-resistant nature is that the product does not become any more flammable as it ages (which is simply not the case with inferior insulation products). 

4. It’s Ideal for Sound-Proofing 

Anyone who has used a metal building before knows that they can get noisy fast. For this reason, you want to invest in materials and improvement projects that can help reduce the noisiness of your metal building’s interior. With the sound-resistant capabilities of quality fiberglass insulation products, you can achieve this dream with ease. Simply use the insulation in the building’s walls, floors, ceilings, and ducts, and you will make the metal building way quieter than it has any right to be. Fully sound-proofing metal buildings can seem like an impossible task, but with fiberglass insulation, you might just be able to make this dream come true in 2022. 

Perfect Your Metal Building Investment

Metal buildings are incredibly versatile, and can be used for many different projects, hobbies, and even homes when they are set up right. Using fiberglass insulation in your metal building is one guaranteed way to ensure it has an excellent performance, and that it’s comfortable to spend time in. If you want to do an improvement project on your metal building that will be both budget-friendly, and relatively maintenance-free, you need to invest in quality fiberglass insulation for the building ASAP. 


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