You Should Not Love Your Carpets More Than Your Kids

I am a freak who loves to have everything with utmost perfection. I have a family of three kids and a loving husband whom I love equally. We are a happy family and the best thing about my family is that they are way too supporting in my hobbies. Unfortunately, or fortunately, keeping a house high on décor is my weakness. Every few months I have to change things no matter how new or old they are.

Among a number of home interiors objects, my favorite is the carpets. I almost have a huge collection of floor rugs and carpets which I keep on changing, just like people change the sheets of their bed. It’s about the beginning of winter when I had bought a new carpet piece according to the colors of winter to uplift the space. Also, my junior’s birthday was coming so I had to make a few changes in the room to welcome her friends at her birthday party.

Okay, I admit one mistake of mine that I forget to spread a sheet on the carpet where the kids have to play and as a matter of fact you cannot keep a close eye on every kid playing around. And something happened which was not supposed to happen ever.

On the day of her birthday, I invited all of her friends so that they can have a great time together. Not only me but kids are too party lovers, so we just organized the party. Everything was going great and we had a great time. One thing which upset me was the pieces of cake shredded all over the ground. I controlled myself as there was no way to resolve the issue. I waited until her friends went home so that I could punish her for the ill behavior they had shown.

In the party, I had also invited one of my closest friends who clearly read my facial expressions that I would be exploding any time soon. He tried to calm me down and suggested me to hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Emerson GA. I was not sure of taking their help but she assured me that these experts are wonderful. I trusted her choice and let the experts handle the cleaning.

To my surprise the results were amazing. Despite winters when the weather is highly humid, I got back my carpet completely dried on the same day. I closely looked at the carpet to find anything that is not acceptable but failed as it was organic carpet cleaning in Emerson GA, which I was not aware of. Each of the carpet fiber was at the placed like before. No one can identify that the carpet had been washed by the professionals. They did an amazing job.

Seeing a broad smile on my face, my friend said: “Things are not important than the happiness of your kids.” Then I realized, the things that I was worried about are not the real things. Thank you, friend, for the advice.



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Written by Abbie Samuel

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