Top 8 things that you dont't know about Quartz countertops

Summary – When you are looking for the installation of quartz countertops, it is very important that you know the facts about the stone beforehand. This article discusses some things that you may not know about quartz worktops.

As soon as getting a kitchen worktop installed is thought of, multiple materials or stones are taken into consideration as a serious option for the purpose. However, the most sought-after of all the stones is quartz. Of course, there are multiple reasons for people to opt for quartz countertops as an option, which also include durability and elegance. After all, these two features are the most wanted when it comes to having something to adorn the kitchen premises.

As people come across the nature, benefits, and features of the stone, they easily choose quartz worktops for their kitchen premise. However, when it comes to quartz, there are so many things that people are yet to know about. Some of the facts about these worktops that you may not be knowing have been discussed below:

Not Solid Ones

People opt for quartz worktops, thinking they are rock solid materials in their purest form. If you too are considering the stone for the same reason, it is important that you know the fact. Quartz is not a natural stone but engineered stone. Ten per cent of the worktop is complete polymeric or cement-based binder while the rest 90 per cent comprises crushed marble and granite waste along with other recycled industrial wastes, including glass, silica, ceramic, and mirrors, etc.

Source is Same

Multiple worktop stone options are coming from the same source or developer. Bretonstone technology is a licensed provider to over 50 companies, including Cambria, Caesarstone, etc. They add their unique design elements to the products manufactured, making the foundation of all engineered stones the same.

It’s Dairy Connection

The ace of the stone industry does have a dairy connection. How? The market is full of varieties of Cambria quartz worktops options. The stone is one of the most sought-after alternatives in the world with very few people knowing that the same company is also a renowned cheese producer.

Eco-friendly Option

When a quartz countertop is manufactured, there is no harm done to the environment – in fact; waste products are used. This is what makes it an environment-friendly option for your kitchen.

Smooth Flooring

While most of you as homeowners prefer quartz for kitchen and washrooms, some premises use the same stone for walking. Yes, quartz flooring is one of the most popular options for malls, airports, etc.

Affects Granite Pricing

With the increasing popularity of quartz worktops, the stone is successfully taking over the market share of granite. This is a loop, as lower demand, decreases the cost of granite, giving people the option to look at an old-favourite granite.

Though knowing the above facts will not affect your choice-making process but knowing these facts about quartz countertops will add to your knowledge. The stone has a magical impact on the spaces it is used because of the perfect colour shades it is available in with an equally intense appearance.

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