Tips to Hide Unappealing Exterior Features of Your West Chester Home

Curb appeal is very important to most homeowners. They want their properties to look good for themselves, for guests who visit, and even for passersby. Neighborhoods with homes that look appealing from the outside tend to fetch higher prices for properties, and you can entice buyers to a home you are selling by making a great first impression.

Though it may seem simple to have a clean exterior that matches the most beautiful properties on your street, the reality is far more complicated. Many homeowners in West Chester, PA, may have unattractive features on the outside of their homes or in the yards that cannot be removed. The only way to boost curb appeal is to disguise, decorate, or hide these elements.

Fortunately, homeowners across the country have discovered plenty of methods for hiding the unappealing features on their properties. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to improve your home’s aesthetic by reducing the visual impact of ugly features. 

Mulch on Bare Spots

There are plenty of plants that can grow in the yard to add to the aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, you cannot control where the grass grows. Sometimes, there is rocky soil in a spot, or there are not enough nutrients for healthy grass to grow. These spots can be an eyesore in your yard, creating patches of dirt that are unappealing. A simple solution to some of these spots could be to add mulch, particularly around the bases of trees or near the foundation of the home. The mulch can disguise the bare spots and add more desirable color to the area.

Wood Fencing

Creating a border around your property is not the only reason to install a wooden fence. Say your home is heated by gas and discovered propane tanks for sale in West Chester. After buying one, you were unhappy with how it made your yard look even if it helped you save money on utilities. Installing a partial wooden fence can hide this unsightly feature from those passing by or viewing the front of your home. Plus, wooden fences can blend naturally with the landscape and are not going to draw as much attention as another type of barrier.


Sometimes, the best way to disguise a negative feature is to highlight a positive one. Maybe you have a nice deck, but the surroundings are less than ideal due to an old shed, prominent weeds, or a decaying garden. Adding features to highlight the beautiful deck can be an effective way to draw attention away from those negative elements. Building a pergola is an easy method for elevating the deck experience. It makes the structure larger while providing some shade and privacy elements, but it also draws the eye away from the rest of the property, which could be exactly what you need. 

Hollow Rocks

Many of the ugly pieces of your yard may be immovable. For example, you cannot do anything to hide a septic lid. Fortunately, landscaping companies can provide unique decorations that prevent these features from hurting curb appeal. Hollow rocks can be purchased from many gardening centers to place throughout your yard in front of or over ugly features. They look natural but are not as heavy as an actual rock, so you can easily move them to the desired location. 

Fake Foliage

Maybe there is a large utility box outside your home that you hate the look of. Fear not, there is a simple solution in the form of artificial plants. Fake foliage covers can be found that are specifically designed to hide these boxes and help them blend into the natural landscape that surrounds them. Live plants might die if they are too close to the box, but these covers are built to last and withstand the wear and tear that comes with proximity to a utility box. 

Colorful Flowers

Is an ugly foundation detracting from the look of your house? Maybe there are some stains on your siding that you cannot get rid of. Planting flowers, bushes, and small trees can effectively delete these images entirely. Rather than noticing the foundation or the stains, people will only see the beautiful plants and colors that are sitting in front of them. 

Hiding Does Not Mean Ignoring

As a homeowner, you are responsible for taking care of your property. When you realize there is an unsightly feature on the outside, it can be tempting to find a way to cover it up first. However, it is more important that you address the issue if it needs fixing. Don’t just hide a crack in the foundation with flowers, but make sure it is repaired so the structure of the home is secure. Bare patch in the yard that is ugly to look at? Have the soil tested to ensure there isn’t some environmental risk? You can hide these features but do not ignore them if they might require repairs in the future. 


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