How To Build A Pergola

If you’re thinking of renovating your outdoor area, a pergola is a good addition. It provides a sheltered but aerated place to cool off on a hot day and enjoy the outdoors. Here are some tips to help you build your pergola.


Paint, oil,or stain your timber or any other building components you’re going to use. Let everything dry out entirely before you start. It’s easier to work with the planks before you begin so you can make sure all the crevices maintain the same colour. If you need to do any touch-ups later, you’ll still have the option to do that. 

Decide where you’re going to put it

First, you need to pick out where you’re going to set it up. Then put some distinctive marks on the area with chalk, wooden pegs, spray paint, or any other noticeable mark. Depending on your garden size, there are several options on where to put your pergola. You may want to consider making it a central feature of your backyard. Set it up in such a way that all the other garden features complement the pergola. 

Another good idea is to open up your structure on the sides that give it a better view. This will help you decide which side the pergola will face. Also, make sure the ground is level; otherwise, the structure will be lopsided.

Do the work

Now you have to dig about 2×9 feet wide (or any dimensions that suit your space). You can pour in some gravel at the bottom to absorb excess moisture. 

Put in all four posts one at a time, ensuring that each one is secured in position with cement ( use a quick dry, easy mix option to make it faster). You can use steel in place of wood for the posts. Make sure you use treated wood posts to ensure they don’t get infested by termites. If you use untreated wood, your pergola won’t last long. It’s also essential to make sure you buy class 1 or class 2 timber with a high strength rating.

Ensure that all posts are level before you proceed.  Once the posts are dry, put the horizontal beams across to make the roof. Use smaller stringers to hold the top together. Hold the bars in place with bolts rather than screws. That’s because screws can cause the wood to crack, making it more vulnerable to rot and infestation. 

Instead of a wooden roof, you can opt for an alternative roofing option like a shade cloth. It will be easier to put, plus it will look more exotic. You can pull the fabric tight or let it sag a little in the middle. 

Once everything is dry, do some touch-up to the paint stains to give a chic, polished finish. Ensure it’s sturdy enough- shake it up a little bit to test its strength. Reinforce the posts with anchors at the bottom if it’s a bit shaky. 

Enjoy your pergola

When you’ve finished, make sure to neaten the area and get rid of any debris. Your pergola is now ready for use. 

Remember to check with the council for permission and the laws around backyard construction in your area. 

You may also need to enlist the help of friends and family. There’ll be a lot of heavy lifting to do. Once everything is done, you’re ready to enjoy the view and the breeze, away from prying eyes.


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