Things to know about timber kitchen tops and why you should go for them

There are various materials that you can utilize for your kitchen top but most homeowners prefer timber. One of the reasons that most of them go for timber kitchen tops is for its natural look which just cannot be duplicated. Granted, that wooden countertops are not for everyone and there are a select few who may prefer something in granite as opposed to Timber. So, you may want to take a closer look at what makes a timber kitchen top stand out.

  • The look: There’s no denying it that a timber kitchen top can make your whole kitchen come alive. Timber comes in various shades, from pale blonde Tasmanian Oak to deep red Jarrah and a mix between both. It certainly will complement your kitchen and the color palette that timber comes with is why it is one of the perfect choices for your kitchen.
  • Warm: A wooden countertop is always warm to touch and handle, as opposed to a granite one. This is one of the reasons that most homeowners prefer timber or hardwood countertops as opposed to granite. Wood is naturally absorbent and it takes in the room temperature and reflects the same. Furthermore, it is softwood and one that can easily be tweaked and customized as per your preference. This is why timber is often one of the top choices for wooden countertops. For example, you can check out ‘kitchens Newcastle’ as well as a few others to get a better idea of timber kitchen tops
  • Durable and robust: Yet another reason as to why you may want to go for Timber is that it is robust and not to mention, extremely durable. One of the most oft-heard criticisms against timber and other wooden countertops is that they enable bacteria to grow. Not so, in fact recent studies have confirmed the fact that using properly sealed wood as countertops takes care of the issue. You just need to make sure that your wooden countertop is properly resealed and safe to use. And timber is quite durable and should last you for a long while too.
  • Easy to clean: The first thing, post installation is to make sure that your wooden countertop is polished and looks good. You can also clean it up with ease, there are various products that you can use to clean up your wooden countertops with ease and in the process, ensure that it stands out for all the right reasons.
  • Stains: While a stain on a granite top may seem unseemly, on timber or any other wooden counter top, it just adds rustic beauty to the same and melds perfectly into the background. But if you are not interested in the stain, you can always get it removed either by professional cleaners or get it done by yourself. Soon, your top should be as good as new.

These are some of the reasons that you may want to opt for a timber kitchen benchtops as opposed to most of the other materials out there. It is important for you to remember that you need to get the wood resealed on a regular basis. This can help restrict and prevent any bacterial growth and will enable you to work safely in your kitchen. It all comes down to your preferences and what type of countertop you prefer, whether wood or granite. Each type comes with its own list of pros and cons but no one can deny the fact that a timber countertop looks good,


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