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The ways to bring natural and organic elements to your interior design

Last year, one of the most popular themes, influenced the interior design trends, was nature. The need of a modern man to return to the essential sources and escape to a safer, more peaceful place is clearly visible, not only in the furniture design, in the assortment of wallpapers, but also in the forms of lamps. For this reason, I will present interiors combinations that will help to create a home coziness and bring you closer to nature.

A step towards naturalness

The desire to return to natural things, and turn the nature into a part of everyday life has not come from anywhere: it’s like a response to the sounds, the big city, or the rapid pace of the city. Tired of the huge amount of information flow and brilliance encountered on a daily basis, people wanted to get away from it. So the return to “real”, organic materials have become the latest trend in fashion, not only in the design of clothing but also in the interior.

The cozy interior, the main theme of which is nature, is usually created in the following way: a natural tree is used for furniture, synthetic fabrics are replaced by natural ones (cotton, linen, silk, etc.), various designs of the wallpaper depict the motifs of plants and birds, and the lamps are applied in naturally occurring forms.

First of all, I recommend that you take into account the color palette when creating a home interior on the nature-based theme. At the top of the fashionable colors for a few seasons already reign such shades of the ground as fir-green, tree-brown or sandy yellow. These colors are easily combined with each other, perfectly matched with other colored motifs, such as sun-yellow or olive bluish.

Spaces and lights

If your room is small, find ceiling lights that will not occupy the extra space and will fill it with light. Nowadays, the horizontal design of lamps is extremely popular, with the main emphasis on a tree block and light bulbs incorporated therein.

If your space is big, then the options will be wider and you will be able to consider considerably more options.  A cozy interior can be created with several different types of lighting fixtures. For example, you can choose medium-sized hanging luminaires (if you want more coziness, lower them down than usual), decorated with vegetation motifs or made of natural materials. Hanging luminaires can be combined with a torch or built luminaire. If it can be covered with cloth decorated with leafs. Such material will be compatible with the forest topic being formed, will provide some exotic and colors.

Wallpapers with plant themes

The jungle is a source of inspiration not only in the fashion world, it is entering to our interiors. Intensive tropical or minimalistic abstract woods on furniture and accessories are proof of this trend. Even apparent plant pattern wallpapers are not considered old-fashioned or kitschy. On the contrary, they have become a very popular part of the jungle trend.

With a single wall with playful botanical patterns, you can create a primeval jungle corner at home. A number of subtle details return in a vintage form, such as old books, large colored glass bottles, and aged wood furniture.

Botany in every shape and size

The jungle tendency would not be complete without a few specific plants, but do not be afraid to go beyond that standard corner of domestic plants. Those who want to bring a real sense to the home can choose from a great variety of tropical plant species. Why not think about a real palm tree or a wall with climbing plants. Surround yourself with small but well-formed hanging plants in transparent vases, a collection of mini cacti or herbs.

Live plants undoubtedly provide visible freshness to your home decor. They not only bring the summer’s taste to home but also clean air: a situation without a defeat! It is not even worth mentioning that this trend of the jungle is a return to the natural source in all ways, using materials such as rattan, wood, cork, linen, and bamboo. In other words, the key is to get back to the basics and to use materials from natural sources. Those who want more luxury can look at the leather or marble.

The natural appearance of the floor creates an impression of coziness. Stone floors give you a sense of simplicity and security, and you will not find anything more authentic than wood pattern visible in natural wood floors.

For those who believe that the maintenance of natural floors requires too much attention, in the market will find a wide range of beautiful imitation wood products. It combines a traditional look with amenities.Choose your favorite color, pattern, texture and turn your home into a cozy natural shelter in which you feel harmony and coziness.
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